Thursday, July 19, 2007

out of office.

you may have noticed a slight absence of late. i'm away. with the fairies. no, not really. i am in queensland on my work conference. yep versace hotel bitches! (thank you one girl) i love it. unfortunately, after necking some pretty colourful drinks on thursday night i awoke friday morning with a rather serious viral middle ear thingy. it makes me all lightheaded and dizzy. i thought it was the alcohol!

anyhow. went to the doctor and he gave me magic pills and now i think i can survive the rest of the weekend. its been all good wine, japanese food, bar tabs, serious work stuff and mammoth laughs. expect a somewhat weiry em.s back on blog as of monday. no doubt i should have something worthy of writing about. must go now...and lie by the pool.

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leslie said...

yeah, whatever... steal my lines any old time : )