Monday, December 17, 2007

a sense of summer.

after braving the soft falling toronto snow, i was delighted to be tilting my face towards the strong aussie sun once more. how nice it is to be kissed by the sun. to throw on a pair of flip flops and wander through green grass with heat on your back. *sigh* i am truly happy to be home.

so, in my absence ben has turned his guitar finger into a green thumb. the quest: to grow ones own tomatoes. and i have to say, he's doing a wonderful job. we sat out in our little garden last saturday, the day of ben's 36th birthday, and had dinner together. ben slapped some steaks on the new bbq we won at elsternwick coles with our flybuys card. as they sizzled away i noticed the solid green stare of our new neighbours. they were blantantly watching us. sizing us up! sitting up there on their throne and mocking us so.

but it is we who will have the last laugh. for as soon as those neighbours redden with embarrassment, ben will pluck them from their mighty throne, cut them with a knife and toss them in a salad. don't you just love summer?

our new neighbours:

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