Thursday, January 3, 2008

rockin' moroccan.

this christmas i MUST have been good. all my favourite things were sitting under the tree - which was nothing short of surprising considering i swore quite a bit towards the back end of last year! someone must love me flaws an' all.

from ben i got this wonderful tagine dish.

*ta dah!* dont ya just love it? there will be plenty o yummy goodies warmed slowly in that baby. do you think it's weird that my fiance who LOVES food got me the one thing that could increase he admiration? before you think ill of him, i actually asked for this. instructional sticker included! look at how much work needs to go into getting your tagine into right cooking order. that's a good days work i tells ya!

to go along with my newest kitchen item, ben's wonderful aunty Mary bought us a fabulously fabulous turkish recipe book. forget suva's. this book is rich with dishes i have never even heard of, ingredents that i am sure i wouldn't find in elsternwick coles and photos so stunning it makes your passport itch.

stay tuned. i will be sure to post my taste bud favourites as i trial these two great gifts in our batty old kitchen. what a lucky girl...


michvanetta said...

Love that dish of yours!
Happy cooking & Happy New Year!!

Kirsty said...

I'm looking forward to having a look & the delicious meals you make in that gorgeous tagine. Happy New Year.