Sunday, June 1, 2008

about damn time!

ok, i know that i havent been the most diligent blogger. in fact, i've probably been removed from bloglines around the globe (assuming the globe read this of course) but here i am. i'm back. i have news. craft projects to share and day-to-day bullshit to spread amongst you. see, your mum was right. the best things are worth waiting for! sister had a baby boy two weeks ago. Charlie Thomas Martin Reid to be exact - thank you very much. he's a stunner. chubby and smart. and he LOVES food. i decided i wanted to make him something. a blanket-com-play mat. i had purchased too much material a little while back and really needed to do something with it. i am now towards the pointy end of the project and loving it! the good people at patchwork on central park helped me pick out the boarder material and the trim. things really could have gone arse ways without them!

here's a little looksee:

found a warm wooly fleece fabric for soft little skin:

i have another project that i am eager to commence, and once this blanket is done i will getting cutting fabric! ben goes to mount buller this weekend to play again and that is when i should find some time.

just have to get through a week of work first...


leslie said...

love it, love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Em, nice work. Lisa