Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Other people's money...

There's nothing better than spending other people's money. I don't mean that in a bad way. eg. I'm not robbing change purses from old ladies on the tram. I merely mean, when someone gives you the gift of a voucher and you get to head out and spend it.

Ben and I allocated all day Saturday to the fine art of spending other people's money. We had been given two vouchers for a our wedding, a Chapel St Bazaar voucher and an Australian galleries voucher. Noice!

We headed to the Chapel Street Bazaar first. Swinging past Tusk cafe for a really overrated breakfast and coffees that never actually made it to our table. If you've ever been to the Bazaar, you'll know that walking in there can make your head spin. There are so many little nooks and crannies, filled with retros goodies ranging in price and diverse in their age.

It was so incredibly hard to choose something in the end. We wanted it to be something that reminded us of the beautiful people that gave us the voucher, but we also wanted it to be something that would live on in our lives for many married years to come. After much debate we finally settled on...

This stunning late 1960's radio. See how it has NSW, QLD, VIC etc. And it still works. I love the art deco shape and the cream and blue colour. It has livened our kitchen tenfold!

And of course, no house is complete without a wall clock....or in our case, a retro clock!

Ben and I love this clean display and fancy the idea that it runs on electricity. An odd wire here and there has never fazed us!

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lou said...

Loving the radio!! and the clock too for that matter.

xxx lou