Thursday, March 12, 2009

My mother.

I've discovered just recently how very entertaining my mother can be. Perhaps it's all the time we spend together staring at Annie, or perhaps I just have a new found respect for her now that I have my own daughter to contend with. Either way, she should be celebrated. And as such, I am going to give her her very own spot on this here blog. In it you will find little tid bits from the woman who raised me. Just wait. You'll love her as much as I do.

*conversation between my niece Siobhan and my mother. Siobhan just bought a brand new Canon digital camera SLR, two lens etc. Mum just bought second hand film camera from Savers for $5.99*

Mum: Siobhan! Take a photo of Annie so I can show my friends at the RSL.

Siobhan: A close one? Of her face?

Mum: No, better not.

Siobhan: Why not?

Mum: I took one the other day with my camera and it came out all blurry.

Siobhan: oh. Um...

Me: But you know what the difference is between your camera and Siobhan's?

Mum: No. What.

Me: About one thousand dollars.

Mum: [pretends to cry]

*One of the first nights Ben met my parents. That would be dad in the gorilla head.*


leslie said...

hee hee, i love your kooky family! and i think annie totally looks like your cutie mom, hey??

siobhan said...

love it!

Lisa said...

Hi Em, I've joined the world of blogging - check it out when you get a moment.