Sunday, February 14, 2010


There's no hiding the obvious. I am absolutely knackered. The house has really begun to take shape and with a steady speeding up of things, Ben and I are getting busier and busier. I spent most of Saturday carefully painting around our stunning cornice and along our architraves. I managed to get the three bedrooms and the hallway prepared for the roller paint Derby that will commence this weekend.

Finding the time (and the right job) to help Ben with the house has been hard. Big thanks to my sister Deb for helping out with Miss A. You are more than wonderful to me. I want to be apart of the development of the house and find that hard with an active one year old. She demands so much of my time and energy I feel I cannot give in others areas when I (badly) want to.

I've been working two days a week as well. I actually really like that. Being with adults and working my advertising brain has been good for me. I found that the dramatic change from working woman to stay-at-home mum hard. Two days is enough to satisfy the person I have spent the last 32 years being and gives me plenty of time with the delightful Miss A to grow into a good mum. It's a very good balance.

I have had little or no time for sewing lately. We are still living with my parents-in-law and there's no real space for setting up a sewing machine that I don't have to pack up at the end of each session. However, I am pleased to say that I am going away on another sewing weekend this Friday (with Miss A) so hopefully I will get some quiet moments to rustle up a dress or two for me and my baby.

Oh yeh, forgot to mention...we are going to Bali in April for a little family holiday. We must be mad, with all the renovating etc, but when my air-hostess friend got us fights for a quarter of the price we could not resist. Bring. It. On!

For now though, I will delight you with our ceiling roses. It's the pretty things that make this renovation business so much easier to handle...

This is my father Thomas.

Without his help, I don't think Ben and I would ever move into our new home. He has been wonderful. Not just wonderful, but selfless, loving and dedicated. We owe him our sanity.

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Jodie said...

What an exciting time for your family at the moment... I'm loving the ornate ceiling decorations, if that's what you call them... Just gorgeous!!!

Jodie :)