Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that happened this week.

1. Miss Annie learn't how to walk!

She looks a little bit like an old drunk leaving the pub just after twelve. Absolutely NO balance whatsoever, but I am loving her determination and her sheer delight at being able to get around so quickly. She takes a few steps, speeds up to a trot and then laughs her head off before falling to her bum. I could watch her all day. But then who would make the Lamb & Rosemary pie.

2. Made Lamb & Rosemary Pie that I am in love with!

3. DIY Job on a wrought iron single bed given to us by my sister.

It will act as a day bed/couch in the study and house any friends or family wanting to stay over. (Jane/Marian/Siobhan/Harrison) I was happy with the job the paint did, although I thought it would be much glossier.

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