Thursday, December 2, 2010

**Advent Calendar**

It's finished! Horray! So pleased with the final results on this one. It was the one project that I wanted to complete before the end of the year and I managed it. (And only three days late too!)

The frame I found at savers for $7. The Linen I bought online through Duckcloth (so lovely!). The small floral fabric on the inside of the pockets was kindly donated by a friend and the small pins were a fab find on etsy.

The stamped numbers were a steal at spotlight for only $15. I used some ink that I bought years ago at a crafting festival in Canada. All in all, quiet a cheap project.

In each little pocket there are chocolates or decorations for Annie to add to our tree. I plan on bringing this calendar out every year for our family to enjoy!

Thank you Lisa for the inspiration!


Lisa said...

Looks beauitful Em, I love the frame idea.

Julia said...

Absolutely beautiful Em. Well done on getting it done on time with all you're juggling at the moment. A lovely tradition has started. x

Lyn said...

Em, this is simply gorgeous. Well done! Two children and a homemade advent calendar - you rock, girl!

It's also good to hear that the linen was so nice from Duckcloth. I had been wondering where to buy quality linen from, so thanks for the tip.

Lyn x

Hot Pink Dahlia said...

I love you have a pattern for the little envelopes to share...head over to my blog to enter a giveaway!

leslie said...

really, really gorgeous! you've inspired me to tackle one... for next year : )

Anonymous said...

Even the photos of the advent calender are incredible! You are a clever wee lass. Wish I was Annie!!! Hope you guys are well x x brigi x

superman said...

Wow! It looks beautiful! Its really inspiring.

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mj said...

wow..Very well done to you all for doing so well!...keep posting!

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