Tuesday, June 26, 2007

introducing my dog.

thought i might introduce you to my kelpie maggie. she holds a special little space in my heart. we were given maggie as a christmas gift from my partners sister and brother. actually, maggie wasnt present that christmas day, we got a tiny collar instead. after about...oh...2 seconds of guessing, we realised we were getting a puppy. enter panic. naturally more a cat person than a dog person, i felt a little uneasy. i knew nothing about training dogs and wanted to know nothing about picking up their poop!

all we knew of maggie before we met her was that she was a kelpie. her parents work a farm out in mansfield which sits at the base of mount buller in victoria. we drove out there one sunday, when maggie had turned the legal 8 weeks old, and picked her up. i was smitten by those green eyes. here she is sitting out on our backstep at the ripe old age of 5 months.

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