Friday, May 9, 2008

*sigh*...home again...

well. the honeymoon is over baby. we miss it sooooo much. vietnam was top notch as the aussies say. an absolutely wonderful country with so many diverse things to see and smell and taste. i have to say the craziness of the motorbikes scared me at first but before long i found them endearing and wanted to be side swiped every day i was there.

ben has a travel bug. like a big one. it sits on our dinner table every night asking 'where are we going next?'. he simply loved it. we both did. time to start planning the next one huh?

i wanted to share just a few photos from the trip. i wanted to make you jealous with blue water, sandy beaches and delicious cuisine.

when you are riding around on a cyclo you see this kinda thing...

the newly weds

i did a veitnamese cooking course with a sous chef - it was freakin awesome. i promise to post a pho ga recipe very soon!

and now for the jealousy shots...

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