Sunday, April 27, 2008

from the back of a honda...

its hard to believe i am actually here. two feet on the ground, one husband in hand, in the middle of vietnam. wow. what a country. after an amazing wedding that just went perfectly, ben and i jumped a plane to this other world. we have been riding in a cyclo through chaotic hanoi, sailed the murky waters of halong bay aboard the most luxurious junk and motorbiked through the back markets of hoi an. all of it - amazing.

i am currently sitting in reception at our beautiful resort. Hoi An beach resort not only has two pools and sits on the edge of a busy river, but its also across the road from a stunning beach with water so warm you can walk into it without shuddering (just like in the movies!) Ben has taken our motorbike into town this morning to do another muesum tour. i feared my head my just pop right off if i had to look at another temple. there's only so much 'ooing' and 'ahhing' one can do in a third world country before you start to deem yourself down right idiotic.

thing is, i love this place. in abundance! but i am struggling with the stunning beauty of this place verus the one room corrigated iron rooftops of the local abodes. its seems so strange to label everything beautiful when in reality this country and its people struggle most days to make money. call it my tourist guilt if you like. i just dont want to come off as some wanker aussie looking for a cheap holiday at the expensive of the people of this miraculous land.

*sigh* so glad i got that out! now onto more positive things. the food here absolutely rocks. we found Mr Kim last night. a flamboyant local who has a set menu every night and welcomes tourists like they were his family. 'meat, seafood or vegetarian' he asks. i yell 'vegetarian!!!!!'. within minutes our table was full of five traditional dishes each with a different accompanying dipping sauce. sheer delight was felt. cold beer, hot chili and my husband benny - it would make any girl happy! sitting beside the river, watching young vietnamese lovers share fruit shakes or ride tandem on their bikes is the loveliest way to pass a hoi an night. there is so much to see here. so much to learn and appreciate. i want to come back. i want to come time and time again. before people, tourists just like me, turn it into just another place on earth that looks the same, smells the same and feels the same. now, isnt that ironic...

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