Wednesday, November 19, 2008

project undies.

I bet that title got you all wondering. No, I have not had to move on up to grannies just yet. This pregnancy is being good to me in the arse department. I still have a slight crease where my leg meets my buttocks. Yay! It's not all tears and muffin tops just yet.

Nope. When I say 'undies' I really refer to 'bloomers' or 'nicker bockers'. They are cute little pants you can pop over baby's nappy in summer, teem with a little teeshirt and be done with it. I happened to find some gold at the Matilda Market on Sunday. I was there to see my good friend make a tonne of money (which she cleverly accomplished) and also had a little wander around in case something took my fancy for cotton socks.

I have to say it was hard to get something that was gender neutral. Too many baby blues and blinding pinks. I settled on this little pair of summer knickers for our bub.

They cost around $20 which is better than the normal price, but after a quick investigation I figured I could probably make my own. So I did.

I found material at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Glen Huntly. It was a 'economic crisis appropriate' $3.75 a metre. A little elastic and bob's your uncle and mary's your aunt. The pattern was a little tough to figure out (especially with pregnancy brain) and I also had the challenge of teaching myself corners on an overlocker.

Before long I had made these:

*note: next time I will go higher on the waist. Wanna make sure they get right over the nappy and sit on baby's tummy - don't make them too tight people!*

They now belong to my friend Sarah's soon to be born little girl. But I have a fever to make more, and make more I shall!!!! Cotton socks will think they've been born into a Chinese Sweat Shop the way things are going!

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summer pickles said...

oooh, nice work with the "shorties"! love these... you have inspired me to try to make some this week... thanks for the inspiration! xo