Sunday, November 9, 2008

fabric, bump and big decisions.

I know that I promised shots of my latest fabric purchase many moons ago. It's amazing what the recent election, the economic crisis and pregnancy tiredness can do to a person. I simply forgot. I was busy having to sack people, busy offering remaining staff no motivation and struggling hard to find the couple of specks left in myself. It hasn't been a good few days.

So here I sit. 31 weeks pregnant and loving every fantastic moment of it. Sure the mid afternoon napping is a little out of character, but the visible movement on my stomach (even if the bowel kind have slowed down) make it all worth while. I feel so incredibly lucky to be having a child with someone like Ben. So supportive and caring and funny. No better man to lead our child. *eek!* I'm one of those emotion pregnant women!!!!!

The fabric after all:

I got these two at a sale in Spotlight. They perfectly matched a more expensive material I fell in love with at Patchwork on Central Park.

I want to fashion something memorable out of these lovely minty wonders. Anyone got any suggestions??

I also thought it worthwhile to post another bump pic. After all, I want a little memory when Cotton Socks is a bit older. Here is my very visible bump the day of my sisters wedding.

I am also proud to say that we came to a decision on the pram. Thank god. it was starting to take over ALL my thoughts. Important factors for Ben and I:

- that it last
- that it be lightweight
- that it can hold a bassinet
- that it folds in one simple go
- that it be made in either Australia or New Zealand
- that it be a bargain

We choose......drum roll please.....The Mountain Buggy! Little New Zealand company makes it big! We managed to get a best price in Melbourne and find the matching bassinet on ebay for more than half the price. Pure delight! I pulled it around the living room, contemplating whether it would be weird to put Maggie in it and push her down the road. It's love at 11th sight!


leslie said...

ooooooh, the pram looks nice and light and SPEEDY! good choice. the bump is looking gorgeous and i can't wait to hear all about your sister's wedding and recent unfortunate work events. as for what to do with the fabric... bibs? burp clothes? another blanket/quilt? i know with maesey we can never have too many blankets of varying weights and sizes. maybe a smaller blanket to use with the snappy new pram??

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful bump! The mountain buggy is a great choice, a few of my friend's had them and loved them so much.
We need to reschedule dinner for very soon. Let us know when you have a free Saturday night.
As for the work situations. As a wise person once said to me in a similar scenario...DLTBGYD (don't let the b@st@rd(s) get you down)

bb said...

oh you write so well. I love the bump and the buggy lassy. You have been so busy for a pregnant gal. If anyone can take in their stride and do it with syle - you can.
I have no suggestions for the material other than a good shirt for rounding up cattle on horse-back and maybe some over-alls he he he he.
I'll come and visit this site more often - it brought me lots of pleasure while soaking up my well deserved beer. x x x x x brigi