Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the house that ben built.

She returns. It's been a long stint away, I know. And I am sure that most of you must be thinking that it's because I pushed a baby out of my vagina and now can't balance a laptop on my knees because I'm constantly breastfeeding. But alas, no. Little cotton socks has not ventured our way yet. In fact, I think that little mite is very cosy in there, eating pancakes and potatoes. It KNOWS that when it gets out it's going to be ill feed and ill treated. Only served milk, morning noon and night. Swaddled in blankets so that it cant even make an expression with it's hands. Oh the inhumanity!

Just so you know that I'm not making it up, I thought I would post a photo of my belly at 40 weeks.

See, told ya. Doesn't it look like Ben has created a massive house with vast verandah. I'm all out the front I tells ya. Random Asian women constantly tell me I'm having a boy. Whilst most other people think it's a girl. I'm lost at this stage. Very unsure about what I'm having. It would just be nice to have it! *Sigh* I did get a few aches and pains last night which delighted me. They didn't keep this old sleepy head awake though. I fell right back asleep after each one of them, thinking, surely if the heads coming out I'll notice :)

Now that I have access to the internet, my musings will no longer be so few and far between. I will be a regular here. Whinging about stinky nappies and barf and 'witching hour'. And I'll delight in it. Better go eat a muffin. It wont be long before I don't have a damn fine excuse....


Laura Jane said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year.

You look fabulous!!! I'm excited for you, but am so pleased to hear you are staying home and not rushing off anywhere at the first twinge.

Stay home. Stay home. Stay home as long as possible. I mean really long. Until you can't talk with contractions. And there are 3 in 10 minutes and they last 45 secs or so.

And getting more rest is a great idea.

Oooh (clapping hands in excitement)Yay!!!!
Best of luck. Surrender to it all.

Lyn said...

oh what a brilliant post! I laughed so loudly I hope I didn't wake my little one up!!

I just stumbled across your blog (through Onegirl), and what a tremendous introduction it's been.

My little guy popped (er, was pulled) out 10 days late on 6 Feb last year so I hear you loud and clear.

I've just started a bit of a silly blog about what I've learned so far being a mum. OMG what a ride!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

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