Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a little something for me.

With all the gifts and extra special blankets cotton socks has been getting lately, I thought I would make myself something pretty. I found an awesome bag pattern from Melly & Me and have taken waaayy too long getting round to actually making it. So....yesterday being the freakin' hot day that it was, Maggie and I set up camp in the sewing room/nursery and away I went.

I'm pretty happy with the results all in all. Although, in this picture I have forgotten to unpick my pleat line. I was in such a rush to share. My favourite blog at the moment (for obvious reasons!) is a wonderful midwife called Laura Jane. She asked what was next after the blanket, so here it is:

I also wanted to share some photos of Maggie (my other baby). We were given a dog house for her to sleep in, but she NEVER liked it. Preferring instead to lie on our Persian rug. However, the other day, look what I spotted...

And finally...sometimes you get yourself into such a comfortable position, you couldn't give a damn how unattractive it makes you look!

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Laura Jane said...

What a lovely bag! Aren't you clever (drooling)

I have posted again today, slightly more midwifery related - hope you have a lovely birth.

Can't wait to hear about Cotton Socks.

much love