Sunday, June 14, 2009

busy. busy. busy.

My oh my how the days are rolling into one. I just can't believe that time can move so quickly. That so much can happen in such a short space of time. Ben and I are busy looking for houses every weekend and catching up with family and friend nearly every night of the week *phew*. It all gets a bit too much after awhile, fun as it is. We look forward to being strapped to a mortgage which limits our outings and keeps us snug at home painting fences or planting chili trees. Yum!

On the weekend, besides having a great dinner with my sister and brother-in-law Friday and a smashing roast with Em, Jo & Tiff last night we also went to a 1st birthday party. The party was only 5 minutes down the road (novelty for Melbourne) and it was dress up! The invite said, 'come as your favourite animal'. I thought, 'oooh fun, I'll make something!'. Annie has her eye on Octy the Octapus (soft toy) since she was about 6 weeks old. She LOVES him. So, I figured I would make her an Octapus Outfit.

Only problem was, after I had sewed the last tentacle on and double checked the date on the invite with anticipation, I realised that the title of this particular birthday party was 'James' Jungle Party'. *oops!* Annie would have to be a fish out of water. Literally.

Here she is, looking somewhat fishy...

You will note the bottle of Champagne on the kids table. Don't worry, there was no under age drinking. I was one of the few people at the party who ensured the kids didn't touch a drop, by drinking a fair amount myself. A hangover at a 1st birthday party. Noice.

On a recent outing to Southland, I got ridiculously sidetracked in Lincraft starring at all the wool. I was instantly addicted. In fact, I started a scarf for our Annie and she can't even hold her head up with conviction! Whoa, somebody stop me!

I have lots of other rants and raves to share. I've been storing posts in my head all week. I just need to find some time is all. I promise to share the vintage-looking fabrics I picked up at the Loch Food and Wine Festival, the frustrations I am having with a little Sleepless Annie and of course, the 'How to make your own Jalapenos' tutorial. Hang tight. It gets better.

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Lisa said...

Nice scarf - Annie will love it, if you want a real wool treat go to Wondoflex Yarn Carft Centre, 1353 Malvern Road Malvern. Went there today WOW! WOW! WOW!