Monday, June 22, 2009

lastest loves.

As promised, I wanted to share some special purchases I have made in the past few weeks. We headed up to Bens parents farm a few weekends ago for a little break. When we got there the fire was roaring away and Maggie had immediately found a pine cone to drop at our feet. Annie had no idea she wasn't at home and settled in very well indeed. During our stay we drove 20 mins down the road to the Loch Food and Wine Festival. As we headed down main street, Ben and I were instantly drawn to two separate delights.

Me: 'Ooooo, fabric shop!'

Ben: 'Ooooo, pork pies!'

I went one way and Ben and Annie went the other. I rummaged through the $1.50 fabric piece bin for about half an hour and came out with these little beauties.

Don't know what I'm going to make with these yet. I was thinking perhaps clothes for Annie. She needs some and I have a burning passion. Will keep you posted on that one.

My other burning desire at the moment is collecting vintage 70's plates. I figure with children I don't want to be using Mums Best China everyday. So instead of buying (consuming - argh!) more stuff, I would set out of put together the most higilty pigilty set of dinnerware you have ever seen. All of this is of course for our new house (whenever we get one) and the lovely solid Tasmanina pine dining table that George, Ben's brother, made us for our wedding pressie. At present it sits in our garage taunting me to have dinner parties, but alas, our house is too teeny tiny for a knees up just yet.

Oh yeh, ah hem, the plates...

Especially loving the bottom one. I plan on mixing and matching, with a kinda theme in mind. All my little op shop lovelies are slowing coming together. It delights me!


Little L said...

I so wish I could have rummaged through the $1.50 fabric bin with you! My business would find it refreshing after all the $1 million dollar a meter fabrics I have been selecting!

Jodie said...

Love the fabric bargins, just gorgeous!!!!

Take Care
Jodie :)