Saturday, October 24, 2009

the BIG spring clean.

Ok, there's something that I have to admit. It's hard for me to write these words, so I hope you'll understand why I have never written them before. My husband is a hoarder. There. I said it.

With the new house and all the packing and cleaning, I figured

'Hell, Em, you simply don't have enough to do. Why not have a garage sale to get rid of all Ben's crap?'.

'Are you stark raving mad?' asked sane me.

'Probably' said always slightly drunk insane me.

'We have more than enough to do as it is. Did you forget that we actually move house in less than two weeks, we go back to work and there's a two day sewing weekend thrown in for good measure?? Shall I inject the butter straight into your veins now and you can die of a heart attack instead of stress?'

'Don't be stupid Plain Sane. Just think of the money we can make off this crap. There's tonnes of it!'

'Fine. Don't listen to me. You never do anyway. Go. Have your stupid garage sale. But don't come running to me when the heart palpitations start.'

'This garage sale will pay for the medi bills. Trust me.'

Insane me won, and on Saturday we had ourselves a little old garage sale. We opted to have it at our friends house in Elwood as we live in a cul-de-sac. Their street frontage really optimised the client potential. Here is the loaded car and a very weary Ben.

To make things even more tiresome, I decided a good garage sale needs home baked goods to sweeten the tooth and loosen the pocket of your customer. I made biscuits at 7am and even sewed little paper bags together. I seriously am insane. Anyway, I got a HUGE slagging about the cookies. My fellow stall holders were not convinced I could shift the merchandise. These pictures say it all.

In the end, although the whole thing was damn hard to co-ordinate with a baby and just general every day life, we managed to walk away with approx $240. Not bad for a day of meeting new people, laughing with good friends and drinking lattes. I highly recommend it.

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leslie said...

sweet! i've been thinking about a garage sale for ages, maybe in the fall... so when are you moving??? must email you right now before i forget!