Tuesday, October 20, 2009

planting the seeds.

With the settlement date of our new house racing towards us, Ben and I have been eagerly discussing what veggie and plants we would like to grow once that soil becomes ours. It's a very exciting thing for us. We have always wanted a veggie patch and the sheer idea that we can plant something in the ground, care for it and love it, forever, is simply wonderful.

As such, Annie and I ventured down to our local garden centre during the early parts of this week and stacked the pram with soil and seedlings. Miss A sat watching me plant, as I talked her through what a complete NON green thumb her mother is. She didn't seem to mind though, and I think I may have even convinced her that something might grow. When my back was turned Maggie stuck her nose into the chilies and slowly and loving sucked up fertiliser. Little so-in-so!

Here are the beginnings of the fruits of our labour...

We also managed to get to the library this week and see story time. I took this photo of Miss A watching the librarian sing songs.

She seems to be wondering how the lady with the name badge knows ALL her mummy's songs!


Lisa said...

How exciting will harvest time be at your new house

Lyn said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Em. It was my birthday today, so I had a lovely sun shiny day with Felix and my mum, and a very good friend named Annie (Annie's are especially good types of people, as you would well know) at the beach.

Your quilts are fantastic - you're giving Lesley a run for her money! And little Annie is growing into such a beautiful girl.

Thank you again!
Lyn x