Monday, January 4, 2010

Coming along.

The house renovations are really coming along. I was a little worried about 2 weeks ago, sure that Ben would not have the bent walls ready for insulation let alone plaster. How wrong I was. It pleases me immensely to say that we have a plasterer at our place today busily putting walls where walls should be. This makes me glow inside. I feel just a tad closer to moving into the house we bought nearly two months. Here are a few photos for those with any interest in free roof insulation, built in robes or the delightful sight of plasterboard.

Beautiful pink roof insulation. And free. All free I tells ya! Click here for more details.

Miss Annie, sitting in her bedroom.

Our hallway, complete with cruddy old door.

The wardrobe that Ben built. *proud*

The other thing that's really coming along is Miss Annie Jane. We have been a bit worried because it doesnt look like she wants to crawl. Like....ever. So, to entice her to get that booty moving I tried lying her and sitting her in front of a mirror. Ya see, she likes looking at herself in the mirror. I think she thinks that it's another baby.

As you can probably tell, I could photograph this little munchkin all day long.


H said...

These pictures of Miss A make me feel bad about not publishing Ada's. Perhaps I will have to reconsider...

Such a doll. Is she playing peekaboo with herself in that mirror?

Anonymous said...

How cute is Miss A, she looks like a funny, bubbly little girl!
Your photos with the mirror work so well!
Michele x