Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time. I demand you, stop flying!

There are now about 4 weeks until this baby should arrive. Five at the most. This pregnancy has gone by so quickly. I can't even believe it. I think it doesnt help that it's been overshadowed by the new house, the renovations, Miss Annie, being back at work, my sick mum (who's now much better) and just everyday life. I hope this little one can forgive me for not lying on the couch more and giving it a rest. Mumma plans many movie evenings to make up for it.

I am frantically trying to get last minute projects completed, knowing full well that a little newby and his/her sister Annie will zap all spare time. Here are a few things completed in the last week or so.

A pram blanket for my friend who is due a boy in December:

For backing I used the cot top sheet that they provide in cot sheet sets. No one ever uses them (for SIDS reasons) so I thought I would be thrifty and use this lovely blue spotted one to finish the blanket.

A snuggle blanket for a friend having a C-Section on Monday - she doesnt know if it's a boy or girl yet - fun!

A doll for my beautiful niece Caila who turns 1 late August.

The next post will have to be about Miss Annie, who grows more delicious every day. Until then, I better get back to yelling at time.


LJ said...

You are so clever, they are all such beautiful creations!

wow, not long to go until your bubba arrives. So exciting!!! Hope the next few weeks allow you a little more relaxation.

I am a bit opposite to you. I feel as though my pregnancy is draaaaaging and I can not wish the time away quick enough. Sad, I know. Glad to see you posting again, I look forward to reading more.


Lisa said...

Haven't you been busy, lovely work - I know exactly what you mean, time is very precious. Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. xx.

Laura Jane said...

Gorgeous work! i love the December boy quilt top.

Note though....don't spend the evenings watching moveis slumped in a loungechair will you? We don't want that baby getting in a crappy posterior position for labour.

Second babies are always MUCH easier to get out though, and I'll be thinking of you. How exciting!

Wishing you a spontaneous, speedy, powerful and empowering birth. I wish I could be with you...

FONTY said...


rabbi weinberg said...

you're ace!
we both agree we miss you.
what's your ETSY name ?
(perhaps I should have sent this message on FB)