Tuesday, August 21, 2007

in overlocker love.

well, i turned 30 some weeks ago now. i thought it would hurt. like, my head. i thought my ego would be bruised and battered and find it difficult to recover. i thought ben might trade me in for a younger model. but really, it passed without much drama. what i did find is that in my wiser years, stranger things delight me. there was a time when a short skirt (that once lived a life as a headband) would arouse excitement. or a set of earrings with 46 fake diamonds too many. or even a cocktail that glowed in that dark, was too big too hold and contained a ridiculous amount of straws for one set of lips. nowdays? it's the overlockers that get my vote.

with jenny over from ireland i didnt have much time to set her up and start to play. but this weekend all that changed. we ventured down to the beach house and i managed to find more than enough hours to experiment. it was such fun. can i say that without sounding 60? me? overlocking on the weekend? such a change from 'getting locked' huh?

I promised jen i would make her a bag and i did. i used some fabric i fell upon in an op shop in rye and some that i ordered in the z & s sale. it's very 'blair gowrie' inspired and even has a pocket for jen's mobile phone - her most prized possession. what do you think?

here she is. cute huh? I was making some tea towels when this one was taken. and the result?

needless to say, i am officially back in the sewing game. *sigh* being 30 really aint that bad :)


lou said...

I have already told you this... but I LOVE that bag - so so cute - you nana!

Kate said...

Great bag and great fabrics!