Tuesday, August 14, 2007

one fat lady*

right, thank you onegirl for making me do this. as if i dont have enough to do, what with my great dress making career and my incessant training with maggie so we can one day be 'best in show'. here are 8 things you didnt know about me.

i have a bent middle finger on each hand. strange, but true. they kinda lean away from the index finger. when i was little i thought if i taped those two fingers together it might 'learn' to go the other way. no such luck. i suffer greatly from this condition. whenever i give my friend jackie the bird, she mockingly screams (movie style) 'oh god no. not the crooked finger!'

when i was little i wanted to be a nun. hay. dont laugh. it's the irish catholic upbringing ok? when i was seven i got a short stint as an alter girl at my local church. i thought i had a calling. that was until, when taking the bowl containing the 'body of christ' up to the priest, i tripped and spilled the entire contents on the sacred carpet. you should have seen the faces of the congregation as they lined up to take eurcharist that had grazed the ground. priceless.

i know a little italian. his name is mario. sto scherzando. (i'm joking) i spent a few great months at the CIS in carlton reciting verbs and learning how to give out my phone number to bello rigazzo.

when i was 19 i was crowned 'melbourne rose'. this meant that i won a free flight back to my homeland of ireland to compete in the annual 'rose of tralee'. i didnt win, before you ask. instead i spent 10 long days riding floats, donning hats and beating of desperate farmers dressed up as irish suitors. noice.

love to write. write, write, write. i've kinda written a mini book and am about to send it into a publisher. wish me luck.

i'd addicted to reality tv. my boyfriend ben detests this quality in me. he prefers good SBS docos and ABC dramas. but i reckon there's nothing like a good scrag fight on national television. 'get her in the eyes!'

i'm finding this harder than it seems. talking about me and not around me is not a strong point (except in the book) i've learnt to be a little bit private in my old age. it suits me better, but makes my writing a little less interesting.

i havent done my tax in two years. can i write that? i will though. in october. i hope the government isnt reading this. i'm no christopher skase, i'm just god damn lazy. aint a lot of money to return any old who.

so that's me. i think it might be lou's turn. go girl!

* one fat lady. number 8.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering if you have an email address or contact number, I work in a radio station in the south of Ireland and would be interested to hear about your experience as the Melbourne rose.
my email is finuge@yahoo.com