Friday, August 10, 2007

over the water

well it would be true to say that I am offically over alcohol. my gawd. i just cant believe the amount of vino it takes to keep up with my irish friend jenny. not that we are alcos or anything. i mean we have done other things, like taking long walks....home from the pub. spending an afternoon reading....the drinks list at the Rye RSL, and lots of long girly chats....'will you go get the next round, or should i?'.

seriously though, it has been great to see jen after all these years. we worked together in dublin for a stint back in 01'. we didnt really speak much when we first met. jen was very shy and i was devoid of a personality :) we realised quickly though that we had one very important thing in common. we both love the feeling of beer surging down our bejewelled throats. we immediately became friends.

now here we sit in sydney. we are tucked away in an apartment that casts its modern eye over the bluest, clearest water. one last weekend away before jen boards her stuffy plane back to dublin. last night was another proud moment on the tiles. we walked down to the local for a 'quiet' meal and ended up skuttered playing pool and fending off potetially disasterious men for jen. ah how i will miss her.

by tuesday i will be back in the warmth of my cosy life. ben and i shall talk movies, books and poetry once more. i might even get a chance to try my beautiful new overlocker while my kelpie maggie sits lovingly at my feet. perhaps, and i say this tentiatively as i have a hangover, perhaps we might even have a glass of shiraz in jens honor. goodbye lovely friend, i shall recharge my liver, save a few dollars and attempt to get my arse over to some dusty pub in drimnagh to see you again real soon.

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