Monday, April 14, 2008

part four: the wedding.

i'm going to make this one short. i know i havent been around for awhile, but with the wedding plans and work being to god-damn hectic, i havent found a moment for my thoughts. until now, that is.

in little under a week i will be marrying ben. *sigh* this makes me so happy. i can hardly believe that such a great amount of time and planning has gone by and now we are in the final stages of the week before our wedding. i had a dress trial with my sisters and mum on saturday and all fit in the spots that it was meant to. i was pleased with this. my dress is vintage and altering it would have been a nightmare.

we have finalised details for the day. all the things i where presents go, or jackets hang or who's going to stand outside the toilet and make sure no one hogs it. you know, the important stuff. my dad has decided, that whilst he likes the sound of a winery, he cant be sure its going to please his irish blood. so he's also going to stash a few slabs of guinness in the back of his car just in case.

ben and i both celebrated our ending single life with a hens and bucks party. they were both, equally wonderful nights. we woke the next day and shared the whole evening with each other, marveling at how well our two families and friends came together and celebrated our love. there is no better love that the one that is supported by all the other people in your life you love. ben and i are so lucky in this respect.

*ahhh* ok, thats where i end it. i have a running sheet and music to burn and visas to aquire last minute (dont even ask) i will post some photos from saturday night as soon as they arrive in my inbox. nite!

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