Wednesday, April 16, 2008

two more sleeps.

i feel like in the last few weeks i have been completely absent from this blog. i guess that's what happens when you are planning a wedding and hopefully the best holiday of your life. this crazy journey of arranging our biggest celebration to date has really touched me. perhaps in ways i never thought it would. i always thought weddings would stress me out. it hasnt. i always thought i would fuss over details and have a dress that was bigger than ben hur. i dont. i also always thought that i would be more worried about the reception than the ceremony. i can comfortably say i couldnt care less if they served up shoelaces dipped in batter and seasoned with arsenic. as a beautiful young woman once said, 'as long as i am there, and he is there, and the rings are there and the celebrant is there, that's all that really matters'.

on that note, i leave now, to go and get myself married to my best friend, my lover, my confidant and hero, ben.

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