Sunday, September 28, 2008

"...once, twice, three times-a-crazy!.."

Ok, today I am tired. Shitty and tired. I had to get up three times during the night to pee the tiniest drop of pee. On my way to the toilet I also had to take great pleasure in negotiating my way around three amps, a guitar and a clothes horse. Not. Happy. Jan.

Needless to say, today I am less the riveted about being at work. Why lie. Who is ever riveted about being a work? I'd rather be sipping coffee somewhere, rubbing my massive belly and reading about how turbulent America is right now and how little Miss Palin will save the day. (check out her recent chat with Katie Couric - disaster!) As funny man, Pete Helliar said recently, with 72 yr old McCain in office, they are one slippy shower away from disaster!!

I've totally lost my train of thought, oh yeah. Have some photos to share. A friend of ours recently had an Italian themed dinner party. They are all for dress ups these folks, so we decided to get inventive and come as something Italian. Ben scratched his head for days. Finally, at like 15 minutes before we were due to arrive for dinner, he decided to don this outfit:

*Ben dressed as one of the victims of Pompeii*

And then there was me. I needed something that was going to be comfortable and also Italian. I could have gone as a fat mamma with my belly, but instead of taking the easy option I tried for something a little more inventive. Can you guess what I am?

*Me as Melbourne's infamous Lygon Street - note the car. Belly acted as a speed hump on the night*

This weekend we had a little focus and started clearing the room (again) that would house our baby when he/she arrives. In my cleaning spree I came across a old magazine rack that Ben had. I gave it a good wash down and reinvented it as the portable house nappy bin and accessories.

I also managed to fashion my very own feeding pillow. It's very soft and sits nicely under my breast. I think bubs will like it to. Plenty of room to stretch out there!

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