Monday, October 13, 2008

getting things done.

I am proud to say that I am actually achieving things on the home front. At 27 weeks pregnant I think I am in a good place to welcome a little new born. of course there are some major things still not accomplished eg. getting the car seat safely fitted, but should the baby magically appear on our dining room table, I'd be able to pop him/her in a little bassinet and get on with finishing my sandwich (cause...ya know...that's how it happens)

One of the first things I would like to share is the kindness of my good friends George and Yael. They have offered Ben and I a loan of their beautiful, spotless cot. How good are these people? I warned Ben that if he couldnt put it together he probably shouldnt be a dad. With beads of sweat pouring down his face and fierce determination, he managed to erect our babies second bed.

You will notice a half finished blanket hanging over the edge. That's my current sewing project - fun! Here is a better picture of how it's all coming together:

We also hung up (badly) the prints that I got from Sugarloop on etsy. I love these prints. Ben's mum framed them for us for the wedding and now they belong to our little cotton socks.

I also felt overwhelmed to make our baby something cute. Felt toys are fun and so I copied some designs from a book called 'softies'.

Introducing Mr. Yellow

Introducing Blue Elf

In other news, we had our lovely friends come to visit us at the beach house recently. They brought their 2 month old baby Mae and I was hoping she would give Ben and I a good dose of reality re: crying, pooing and general baby craziness. She didn't. Instead she was perfect. Lovely, sweet and quiet. *sigh* I just hope our bubs is as good when we visit friends :)


Laura Jane said...

Oh Em. The room and quilt are looking gorgeous.

And babies aren't ALWAYS cranky and fractious. They save that behaviour for after 9pm when their parents are thinking about going to bed, and then they wake them at night in fits and starts. There are many hours in the day when they are just charming. As you observed.

Just think of it as working night shift....but double shifts, as you attempt to have a 'normal' life as well. They are worth it, but housework will have to take second place.

Seeing friends for a cuppa in a low-stress environment is much more important.

Dani said...

So much cuteness. Lucky Cotton Socks.