Monday, October 27, 2008

a weekend at the beach...

Man, I love weekends. I love them because they don't smell like a stuffy office and cheap perfume. They never insist I plonk down on a badly designed chair for 8 hours straight writing, writing, writing. They almost never involve bullshit conversations about 'how you're feeling' 'whats on for the weekend' or 'I'd like to implement my next big idea and you're going to do all the work'. I love them because I get to spend all day and all night with Ben and Maggie. Cuddling each with ferocious intensity and planning the arrival of our little cotton socks.

On Friday Ben and I had 'date night'. Something I highly recommend. It's a night, choose which suits you best, when you are your partner spend some quality time together. And that doesn't mean sitting on the couch! Try a little dinner somewhere (find a good local cheap place) or even just head out after dinner for an ice cream. It's not really where you go, it's more about just doing it together. Actually talking about things and looking into each other's eyes for once. Sounds totally tosserish, but it can make a hard week at work seem a million miles away.

Anyway, I digress, our date night this week was in St Kilda. I have a slight fascination with St Kilda at the moment. I make Ben drive past it late at night so I can watch other people (young people generally, with cool clothes, spikey hair styles and a general bi-sexuality about them) sitting out in the warm evening, casually enjoying a cold glass of beer. I long for that. For beer in the sun. A gentle fuzziness slowly creeping over as you proceed to get tipsy. *delicious* We ended up sitting outside I'Carusi 2. Ben had an awesome rocket, pesto, capsicum and goats cheese pizza topped with prosciutto! I had some pancetta with roast tomatoes, red onion and chili. Yum, Yum! It was so lovely to sit out there chatting amid the infectious St Kilda vibe and dining on good pizza. I highly recommend it.

On Saturday we headed to the beach house in Blair Gowrie *sigh* I love that place! Mind you, we had a lot of cleaning to do so it was hardly a holiday, but it was good all the same. While Ben and his brother oiled the deck, I made delicious muesli slice with Craisins and a spicy pasta with hot sopressa and chili olives. We then sat down to watch Monsoon Wedding on DVD which I thoroughly enjoyed.

During all this commotion, I had time to visit an op shop and walk miss Maggie May. At the op shop in Rye I dropped off a big box of clothes and hand me downs. The women's club there (who were eating sandwiches and talking about their husbands) thanked me and offered me something from the store in exchange. I had a little wander and came across this:

It's the first piece of clothing that I have bought cotton socks and I didn't even pay for it! People are so nice. I like the vintage look of this onesey. I can just see Ben, Maggie, cotton socks and I down at the front beach of Blair Gowrie building sand castles and planning dinner on the balcony.

On my walk with the four legged freak we captured these shots:

Doesn't matter how big it is, when she sees a stick, she takes it.

spot the kelpie

I am also busily trying to get some sewing done. I have some new material that I jut bought. Will share it tomorrow. Right now I am busy unpicking some of the sewing for Cotton Socks blanket. *sigh* we can talk about that, another time :)


leslie said...

LOVE the little outfit! and i had to laugh at the opening paragraph, i can picture who is saying each bullshit thing and who is wearing the strong perfume ; )

Anonymous said...

Yep, the opening paragraph got me too. So funny! Can I join you on the whinge about bullshit conversations? It's my next big idea. ;)