Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's a girl!

In the very quick quiet moments, I thought I would log on and announce to the blog world, that Ben and I are the proud parents of Little Miss Annie Jane Brocklesby.

She took her damn time coming out. A good near three days (a birth story will appear here very soon) but when she did finally arrive, it was with such a wonderous glow. Here she was. Little Cotton Socks. Only one small cry and then into the arms of her doting parents for nuzzles.

Since then, life has been a major whirlwind. I cant remember what it was like not to have a small human hanging from my breast all day long. Sometimes she cries. Howls actually. Sometimes she lets me massage her little fingers. But always, she makes me feel very blessed.


Lyn said...

Oh congratulations! What a gorgeous girl, and an awesome name. Bunker yourself down for the next several weeks with your lovely new family. Food, sleep and (reasonably) clean clothes are the only things you all need to focus on for a little while. And get plenty of newborn goodness cuddle time in because next thing you know they are turning one on you!

Melissa said...

a perfect little girl . . . well done!

Laura Jane said...

Ahh, Em I'm so delighted for you both. And very relieved.

I wish I could swoop over and cuddle you all.


Please check your FLickr email!

siobhan said...

Hehe, i just wanted to say i FINALLY updated my blog
so im back in action!
you inspired me :P
Although i dont have any babies or sewing to report on?
haha love you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Ben. We were very excited over here when we heard the news. She's a gorgeous girl. Looking forward to hearing the birth story!