Thursday, May 14, 2009

me, you and the flu.

With Annie and I house bound with the flu, we have found that other things can keep us entertained. For instance, I have finished the 'random' quilt I was making for our soon to be born niece or nephew. Mum-to-be Jenny wanted blues and yellows. I took inspiration from Leslie's blanket she left here the other day when she came for a visit.

The Front:

I tired my best to be as random as possible. Because of this, some of the stitching is a little outta line. *sigh*

The Back:

The back as a lovely soft fleece fabric that I got for a steal at Spotlight!

Annie was happy to stay indoors and watch me sew.

Maggie was not.

We also made a date slice today, which I will share perhaps tomorrow. Right now, it's 5:30pm and that's when Annie needs my attention the most. The 'I'm cranky and need a big bath, big bottle and an even bigger sleep' hour.

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leslie said...

em, this quilt is SO GORGEOUS (as is little annie, of course)!! love the binding fabric too! i bought the same flannel with pink stripes for some maesey pjs (someday).