Tuesday, May 19, 2009

welcome little max.

Ben's brother George and his wife Jenny, welcomed their little son Max Edward into the world yesterday. He was a little earlier than expected and as such left me very panicked. I hadn't finished making his gifts, you see, and spent ALL of today like a mad woman with her head cut off, except her head was stuck to her foot which she broke in a near fatal car accident when she was driving to her trapeze class. In other words, utter chaos. In fact, things were so hectic today, I forgot my x-rays for the Dr. and bought Max a little outfit that fell out of the pram a good 30 minute walk from home. I found out when I returned and had to pack Annie and Maggie up again and head off looking for the damn thing. Just as well we live in a good suburb and someone had picked it up and placed it neatly on a park bench awaiting my return. Phew.

Here are the spew rags I made. I take my inspiration once again from the very talented Leslie, who made me some when I had Little Miss Annie.

I also made Jenny a wrap. Not one of these teeny tiny ones from the store, but a great big 1 meter by 1 meter sucker that little arms and legs cannot get out of. Spotlight had a good deal on some new Muslin prints and I managed to find Jenny's favourite blue with little puppy paw prints. *cute*

I packaged the whole gift up in a crisp white box and tissue paper.

*Update* We gave it to her last night when we went to visit and she seemed to really like it!


your caulfield buddy said...

i stared at the photo of ben on the bed for a few minutes marveling at the wonderful job you had done in photoshop of superimposing an earlier photo of him and the bub alongside himself at which point i started reading and realized that its actually a pic of ben's brother sitting next to him.

leslie said...

oh!!! please pass on our huge congrats to george and jenny!! little max! love the name and love all the goodies you put together.

now what's this about your foot and a near fatal car accident???

Lisa said...

Lovely work Em, they all look so nice wrapped up together in the box - lovely colors for a new bub. Congrats to George & Jenny on the arrival of Max, congrats to uncle Benny too!