Monday, May 25, 2009

tiny and small and free!

It was such a glorious day on Friday I decided to pack miss Annie into the car and head to the Magnolia Square Tiny and Small fair. Leslie was going to have a stall there, so it was not only a chance to check out some cute wears and eat yummy cupcakes, but also a time to catch up with a good friend.

There was lots of very cute stuff there, most of which belonged to Leslie. Unfortunately it wasn't a very big fair, which in some ways was good (less people) and in other ways not so good (not much demand). The grounds at Brighton Town Hall were very nice though. A good place to stop with toddlers and have a break.

While there I bought Annie a Sophie giraffe. I have heard a lot about these toys and have been meaning to buy her one for ages. So, when I saw they were only $32, I snapped one up. Here she is getting to know Miss Sophie.

Annie and Sophie meet

Annie checks her out for Swine Flu

Annie commences love affair

Annie stunned at how amazing Sophie really is.

I also entered a competition to win some very groovy prints. Low and behold I won! The prints in question are printspace. I was told to head to the website on Wednesday when some new stuff will appear to choose my prize. I'm thinking you should head there too.


leslie said...

hey! nice work on the win, they have great stuff.

man, annie is so cute. it's almost ridiculous.

Rae said...

oh dear goodness is she ever cute! just thought I'd pop over to check out your blog and say thanks for commenting on mine! I have been eyeing that Sophie giraffe toy as well. It's just so adorable!! I actually have one of the Chan toys made by the same company (they look like little aliens?) but I like Sophie the best!

christine said...

my little girl loved sophie too!
bonjour sophie!