Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And then there were four...

I've just recently discovered that rolling around in bed and huffing and puffing a lot, will lead to doctors wanting to take photos of your stomach. Look what they found in me a few weeks back...

That's right...Ben, Annie, Maggie and I are all digesting the news that there is going to be another baby in the house very soon. Bubs 2 (as we have lazily named him/her) is due in early September. And whilst this was a planned thing (Ben didn't just surprise me in the middle of the night with cake and an offer of a quick rumpy pump) it has taken some time to get used to.

I suppose initially I felt overly guilty for Miss Annie. That she would no longer be the only one. I knew instantly that I would have less time for her. I didn't want her thinking it meant we didn't love her beyond comprehension. After that, I started to think about that lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. It played on my mind so much I couldn't sleep. Ironic huh? But, over the last 16 weeks I have come to feel much better about the idea of having another baby.

I know Miss Annie will be a terrific (if a bit bossy) big sister. I know Ben will be a terrific and helpful second time Dad. And I think, and hope, that I will be a much more relaxed second time Mum. I must point out how happy I really am to be growing our little family. We have had such joy from our Miss Annie that I have no doubt bubs 2 will merely add to our feeling of elation. It's hard work, let's not kid ourselves. But it's hard work with huge rewards and that makes it all worthwhile.

With all the house renos and a trip to Bali in two weeks time, I suppose I am feeling a real urge to nest. I want to set the house up. Prepare and plan. Make a nice home for this little bundle to start his/her life. With any luck that will be in the next few weeks and my feeling of panic may subside.

Tomorrow is appointment week 16 at the Royal Women's Hospital. It's my first visit there and I am looking forward to seeing the digs. I have a few friends who have given birth there, and while I will miss the homely nature of Sandringham Hospital, I am comforting myself with the thoughts that the Royal delivers, on average, 30-50 babies a week. (don't quote me on those stats)

Can anyone recommend a good book to read on natural births? Something with a headline similar to...

'How to get through the most excruciating pain and still remain attractive',
'10 ways to knock yourself out during labour',
'Simple steps to sedating yourself without drugs'.

I'll check back in regularly for your recommendations. The best answer gets to win a copy of my birth video!!


Lisa said...

Congrats again, I'm very excited for you. 2nd time around - it will be breeze.....

Julia said...

Yay we get to congratulate you again! The good thing about having kids closer together is that Annie will never remember life without her sibling and she'll be so tickled with a new addition that she won't want to anyway. For a drug free birth I recommend the TENS machine, heat packs and a fit ball. It helped me through my births. Oh and if I win...how about a coffee in your new house instead...tempting as it is to see your gory video x :)

Lyn said...

Congratulations Em. This is wonderful news. Don't think too much, just enjoy. It's a wonderful thing. Annie is lucky to have a great family and will be a terrific big sister. Seeing how great Felix is with babies makes me wish I could give him a brother or sister too.
I can highly recommend the book Birth Skills by Juju Sundin, with Sarah Murdoch. It focuses on teaching you how to deal with labor and associated pain to achieve a natural birth, by explaining exactly what's happening, however it is very very good in not making you feel like a loser if for some reason you need an epidural or other intervention. The aim, as you already know, is just to get a healthy baby out into this world! best of luck with it all.

Laura Jane said...

Oh you are a sweetheart!!!! I knew, I just KNEW there would be another baby shortly. How exciting!!!! I'm so thrilled for you.

Can I reassure you that the cervical 'L' plates are off and your next labour will be much, MUCH easier. All the toughness you brought to your last labour, when it all d-r-a-g-g-e-d- on to get to 3-4cm and fully effaced will stand you in good stead.

You will present in established labour and go much more quickly, I'm sure. That's what I see every day with second timers. Believe it!

The Royal Women's sounds good. Be guided by them re natural, normal birth. Janet Belaskas, The book with Sarah Murdoch is also good.

To get your head around it I would recommend "Birthing from within". It is a journally / art therapy / inner voice book. BRILLIANT.

Oh, I'm delighted Em, congratulations to you all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, have a grat time in Bali...looking forward to hearing more as you grow! xx

Betsy B said...

Hello there. Your blog is lovely!
If you're wanting to read a book on natural childbirth, I suggest Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Some of the stuff is a bit out there but, as with all guide books, you just need to take from it what works for you.
It's not a cheap book as it is an import...I still have my copy if you'd like to borrow it.

LJ said...

Congratulations on your new baby. 2nd time round is much easier and you are more confident 'knowing' what will go on. I am expecting bub no#3 in Oct and after having two natural births, I can honestly say I am so excited to go through it one last time!!!