Monday, March 1, 2010

The Car Caddy

I had a massive surge of energy the other day and decided to clean out our car. It was a one off thing, and I'm hoping that the neatness of it all will inspire me to keep it that way.

Whilst I was throwing out old papers and remnants of Annie's daily diet I got to thinking. Perhaps I could put together some kind of caddy that could hold all of Miss A's things. She loves to read while we drive, and chat on her fake phone. And I am always looking for somewhere to harvest a dummy or two.

So....I made this:

The Tie at the top is measured to the same width as the top part of the car seat. This way it doesn't slip down and become completely useless.

The pockets are made from some cute fabric that I picked up at the Lock festival some months back.

The backing fabric was left over from the pillows I made on our weekend away.

So far, this has been a real treat. Miss Annie can reach her things and I can keep our little old car, nice and clean. 'Yeahs' all round.

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