Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A visit from the postman...

I was reading Dooce and came across a book that I couldn't stop thinking about. Now that we have our house I am always thinking ahead when it comes to decorating it, cooking in it and of course caring for the garden. I'm not much of a green thumb in all honesty, but I am hoping that now we own a little block we can call our own, that it will inspire the gardener in me.

This book should help quiet a bit...

What interested me most about this book was the idea that you can grow veggies in even the most awkward places. I have had a few ideas for integrating veggies and herbs into our garden without needing to take up the whole back yard, and this book has just served to inspire that. What's most wonderful about it is that it's such an easy read. I feel like I walk away from sections of it, informed rather than confused.

The organic side of it seems obvious rather than scary. And it also has a great section on preserving your produce and even a few recipes to boot. All in all, the best $23 dollars I have spent in the last few months (and my first amazon purchase too!)

In other naughty internet credit card adventures I also visited the Duckcloth website and decided to get me a little something to inspire the next project. I was thinking of making miss annie a doll, complete with her own quilt. (thanks Julia for the inspiration)

Every time I look at her I want to make that little chicken something! This could be a very expensive relationship! Will share more on my little one in the next post.


Jo said...

exciting!... would love you to bring your garden book to the next weekend that we do, I'll bring the one that I have about organic gardening by the month, that is good too.

Gorgeous fabrics, I look forward to seeing more on those.

Julia said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous fabric. We really are spoilt for choice for great girl fabrics. Enjoy creating with them! x