Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brand Junkie: Push and Go Teddy

Tom turned one on Friday. I know, right? Like, where did the last year go, huh? It flew by and I have a little post I want to dedicate to just him in a few days. But before I do, there's something I wanted to share. My sister gave us money to buy Tom toys we thought he needed at this point in time (love it!). We were able to choose his gift. Make sure it was right developmentally. And of course, insure that it didn't beep, bonk, flash, whiz, zoom, or sing. I bought two toys at Baby Bunting from the Tolo Toy range and was very happy with the results.

He got this ball with hidden Teddy that pops up when you push the button. Cute!

And Push and Go Teddy.

Here's a little video of Tom and Annie learning how to share like the civilised human beings that we have raised them to be.