Thursday, September 1, 2011

The long and the short of it.

Where does the time go???

With the small touches of sunshine we have been having, the kids and I have spent less time indoors making cubby houses and skipping through the internet. Hence this lovely blog as had a little quiet time. But I'm back, and there is so much to share I can't even wrap my head around where to begin.

There are lots of crafty projects to show, house improvements to parade and random Annie-isms to share. But all in good time my friends.

I just quickly want to share this while I'm here: on my to do list I mentioned making something for Miss Annie. Here's a little dress I have been dreaming of making her for months!

Cute, easy and straight out of a Japanese pattern book (thanks for the loan, Leslie) Unfortunately, it's just a little long, so I will have to keep it for next winter. The good news is that it was super easy and I just love the fake little pockets and her 'busy bee' buttons.

Stay tuned...I will be back. xx