Saturday, December 19, 2009

Living it up on a Saturday night.

Gawd. Can't remember the last time I was out in a club on a Saturday night. Where did she go? That girl. The one who took an hour to get ready, always used a hairdryer, matched outfits over a glass of vino while arranging meeting dets on the phone. She was classic, that chick. Always up for a big night out. Loved to drink wine in short dresses with friends. Loved chatting up boys and trying to outsmart them with her mind. Some how managed to take taxi rides without spewing and moaned all day Sunday as the waves of regret washed over her.

She ain't around anymore. Well, let's just say she doesnt get out much these days. Instead, she spends a lot of time at home. With bubs and hubs wondering what to overlock next. Here' s a little look at what the 'Wild child' got accomplished last night.

*Cute striped bags for Bens female clients*

Each one will contain this luscious Bio-organic hand cream. Me. Want. One.

*Shirred dress for my wee neice. Cutey-ba-booty Caila.*

Am very happy to have finished these projects. They have been on my list for way to long. Ben has been working all weekend on the house and office stuff and as such, I had the chance to fit these in. We didn't hit the hay last night til about 12ish. Once Ben had finished his work and I had ticked these off my list. *sigh* It's feels good to get them done. Now...bring on Christmas.

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Maleny Mumma said...

I love this post. I was that girl too... The thing I haven't done for 6 months since being pregnant is wear high heels and I have about 30 beautiful pairs in my cupboard. I look at them and try them on with outfits but by the time I go to leave the house I am back in my flats.
I would much rather be at home sewing or baking then dancing the night away - though I do miss the time spent with girlfriends. Isn't it funny how we change....