Friday, December 4, 2009

Shirr is pretty!

On our weekend away at Sewjourn I got a quick tutorial on shirring from Ms Jo. She was making a little dress for her daughter and it got me thinking. Perhaps I could make a little shirred dress for Miss A and pop it in her Christmas stocking.

She will never know that Santa aint much of a Janome lass. I picked out a few cheap fabrics just to try this out and am pretty happy with the results. Both of these little numbers will be going in the Xmas stocking for the big reveal on Christmas morning.

Is it just me, or did Christmas thousand times better since having kids! Although we wont be in our new house come Christmas I am endavouring to make it as special as possible After all, it is Annie's first Christmas and I want it to be one that we all remember fondly. Hopefully a little quilted stocking and some handmade dresses will make everything seem just a little more grounded and real.

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Lisa said...

Love the dresses, Annie is going to look so sweet in them. I'm going to have to give that a try too. We'll have to ctach up soon.