Tuesday, August 4, 2009

books you can eat.

Miss A is obsessed with books at the moment. Loves to turn the pages, watch mumma over exaggerate everything and most of all she loves to eat them. So, with this in mind and way too many lovely books to leave up to saliva, I decided to make her a fabric one. One that she could learn with, eat and find pretty.

I put together this fabric ABC book in just a few hours and was pleased with the results. The most time consuming thing was probably cutting out all the letters *sigh*. But, it was a labor of love for my little girl.

Since then I have been busy making my sister a little something for her birthday and working out a scrap blanket to lay on our hard wood floors for Annie to play on. Sewing just gets more and more rewarding every day *smiles*


Lyn said...

oh Em, your book is just gorgeous. You should be very proud! What a lovely heirloom that will be for Miss Annie.

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog. It means a lot at this difficult time. Felix is helping me get through every day. We made 'peg soup' for dinner tonight, and when he was finished in his bath tonight he declared 'pack-up time, help mummy'. I don't think a boy of 18 months of age could be any sweeter.

Lisa said...

The book looks great - nice work Em, and it sounds like you had a great birthday night. See you soon.x.

Anonymous said...

Great Work. This has been on my to do list for awhile. I love your version of it.