Sunday, August 9, 2009

they're here!

Finally, I got around to getting my first Keep Cup. You might remember I stumbled across this trendy designer re-useable coffee cup a few months back. They have finally hit stores and can be bought online here. I have to say they are a delight to drink from and can be paraded in public with much pride. Grab yourself one. These larger size ones I bought from Bluebag on Collins Street in the city for a mere $9.30.


Lin said...

Can I ask a question about them - they're made of plastic - does this taint the taste of the coffee? They look great and thinking they'd be great gifts.

em.s said...

I have to say, I didnt notice a plastic taste. They are easy to drink from and easy to close if you're walking somewhere. No more coffee running down arm to sleeved elbow! I would recommend them as a gift. They are funky, they are eco-friendly and best of all they are cheap!

Little L said...

Hey Em, I've got one of these too and I love it - all for saving the world one cup at a time. Good on you for spreading the word, I think I might just do the same on my own blog :)