Thursday, August 20, 2009

sporting new shoes.

There has been little in the way of 'shopping' for me since having Annie. It seems I never have the time, and when I do have the time and Annie seems content enough (sometimes even asleep) something always happens to interrupt my shopping session and I come home empty handed.

Take for instance the other day, I was wondering through a store in Chadstone trying to find a pair of casual pants. (since becoming a mother my wardrobe has shifted from 'going out clothes' to 'clothes that I can be puked on, walk the dog in and if I'm lucky enough arouse Ben in') Annie was just asleep, looking soooooo lovely as she kicked back in her buggy still clutching her Sophie. I made my way through the shop very quickly, always conscious that they can WAKE AT ANY MOMENT! I found a few pairs of pants - some a little bigger than others, as you just never know what size you are after having a baby and refusing, point blank, to give up your sweet cravings. I scooted the pram over to the change rooms, whispered to the woman that I had 'thurreeee' items of clothing.


Why was this woman talking so loud?? Like, did she need head office in America to hear her? Was she looking for a promotion?? From 'change room girl ' to 'girl who uses walkie talkie occasionally and stacks shelves' Could she not see that clearly I was a mother with a sleeping baby??? The hair alone would give that away!

'I said, three'

Still whispering...hoping she'll join me.

'That's three, right?'

Nope. Not a joiner.

'Uh huh'

Defeated and slightly pissed off.

Thankfully Annie did not wake up. She slept through the ear piercing screaming match. I wheeled her gently into the extra large change room, hung up my clothes and started to close the door.


The hinge on the change room door was made of the loudest plastic I think I have ever had the unfortunate luck to encounter. It's annoying tooth aching eek was followed closely by the triumphant bellow of Miss A's...

'wahhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wah wahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh'

Annie was not happy. I was not happy. And as a result, my wardrobe remains 'casual-clothes-less'. But, on my birthday my lovely husband gave me some money towards some shoes that I loved but simply could not justify the money for. They are casual (of course) good for walking maggie, walking in general, talking about walking. I loved the colour instantly and when my foot eased into them in the shop, my sole fell in love.

If you're a mother, a mother who needs good shoes, a mother who walks a lot because it helps distract the little one for a half hour or the dog for that matter, then you're a mother who needs a pair of Footprints. Well worth the $240 I spent on them. And that's with a sizable discount!

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bb said...

babe - you'r photos of a choe are very very GOOD! not many could make a shoe look so lovely! and benny would have LOVED your chocolate cake! oh - - I just voted for maggy! have a great day x x xx