Monday, August 3, 2009

so. much. fun.

Well, yesterday I turned 32. Yep. Getting old. I have to say that without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best birthday I have ever had. I think having a little miss around can make these occasions all the more special, but I also have to put it down to my very thoughtful husband.

He had arranged an evening that really summed me up right now. a tee. We started at the Workers Club in Gertrude Street where we took part in a knitting drive to make explosives to send to the Pulp Mill in Tasmania (opposing it of course). For only a teeny $4 I got this little pack upon entry.

We sat down with a good glass of vino, listening to the free music and watching the live puppet show and made our bomb. A good night out for crafty people and not so crafty people. To see when the next one is taking place visit craftcartel.

After a few bevvies we headed to the Press Club owned by the now famous George from MasterChef Australia. God only knows how Ben got us a table. It was packed. I didn't know we were eating here and was completely delighted when we walked up the stairs and George himself was standing at the door. I have to admit being a little star struck.

Me: *gulp* 'Hi George'.

I sway slightly. The pinot is doing backstroke in my bloodstream.

George: 'um...Hi'

Has no idea who I am or why I am talking to him. He leaves. Quickly.

Ben: *laughs*

I ordered the Lamb special with shoulder lamb and ribs (have a rib fetish at the moment since I bought the new Donna Hay) on a bed of white bean puree with sultanas and pistachios. The meat was crunchy on the outside and delicate and moist on the inside. Perfecto!

A shout out to my lovely husband. Thank you for the best birthday yet. You really have raised the bar. And during an economic downturn as well. Who knows...maybe I will pick you up that new Wilco CD as a little thank you gesture xx


Laura Jane said...

Ooh, happy birthday Em. Glad you had a fabbo day.

Knitted explosives!!!! The mind boggles. Which creative genius put those two thoughts together?

Nice to hear from you again

lou said...

What a lovely husband you have! Happy Birthday - glad you had such a great day :) xxxx