Wednesday, March 12, 2008

are you a bride?

since i am completely immersed in finalising things for the wedding, i thought i would post about my progress. it's been a pretty easy road i have to say. on all accounts finding the things that are just right has proven a rather easy feat. my dress, my veil, my bridesmaid dress and now my shoes.

i trawled the internet for the perfect wedding shoes. they needed to have a very small heel and be a rich cream colour and have some kind of detail that would suit my dress. i thought i was dreaming - and that finding the perfect pair would be impossible. on my search i came across panache shoes in sydney and this week was lucky enough to land a conference 10 doors down from said shoe shops door. am i the luckiest person alive?

after looking through the entire store i finally found them. low heeled, lightly laced, perfectly coloured pointy shoes. my heart jumped. i had found the final item that would complete my look for the day. without hesitation i bought the shoes!

for those of you not able to make the journey to sydney, you'll be pleased to know that panache will ship your size to you for $10 (aus only) and if they are not right, will have them returned and the right sized reshipped! service with a painless smile.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

funny smell.

this morning at about 6:30am....

me: babe your breath smells.
ben: *grunts*
me: it smells like a fish.
ben: really?
me: yup.
ben: do fish have bad breath?
me: *sighs*

random photos.

'that's not a zucchini...THIS is a zucchini'

ben's friend Dale has gone the green thumb and has managed to grow himself some rather large vegetables. we chopped this one up and threw on the bbq 'aussie-style'. it was disgusting.

'maggie? may i take your photograph?'

here is miss maggie doing what she does best. completely ignoring everything i say. at this precise moment, she figured out her tail was picking a fight and decided to defend herself. the green thing in the corner is 'croc' - a much loved maggie toy that has sadly gone to another place. one can't be expected to survive on only half a body. may he rest in peace.