Thursday, December 4, 2008

things bought and things made.

I've been busy. Busy working. Busy growing. Busy shopping. Busy sewing. Busy sleeping. Busy baking. Busy reading. Busy faking*.

That might explain why the posts are so few and far between. I have plenty of share though. Gently, gently goes the blogger. The first things I would like to share are the fantastic, greatest, shiniest, newest edition to our baby's room - the nappy bag!

Can I just say...there is plenty o horrid crap out there for new mums-to-be. Like, I mean, no-need-to-stick-fingers-down-throat vomit inducing. Tacky, loud, skin crawling designs. I was finding it hard to get a nappy bag I actually wouldn't be embarrassed carrying (or Ben wouldn't mind carrying for that matter)

Last week I hit the sale at Parenthood in Richmond. LUVERLY shop that one. Although damn expensive. There was 25% off nappy bags and I surprised myself by finding something I liked. It has a nice plan design on the outer fabric that does not scream 'guy' and does not scream 'girl'. The inside has more of a girly pattern, but I figure that's for me to enjoy as I rifle for ass-cream anyway.

This bag came with a change mat, bottle keep warmer, wipes box, etc.

I also found a little time to make cotton socks one more felt toy. This one was inspired by a design I saw. I don't think I have done it justice. The poor little thing has the longest legs and no arms. Go figure!

* work related. always related work.