Thursday, December 4, 2008

things bought and things made.

I've been busy. Busy working. Busy growing. Busy shopping. Busy sewing. Busy sleeping. Busy baking. Busy reading. Busy faking*.

That might explain why the posts are so few and far between. I have plenty of share though. Gently, gently goes the blogger. The first things I would like to share are the fantastic, greatest, shiniest, newest edition to our baby's room - the nappy bag!

Can I just say...there is plenty o horrid crap out there for new mums-to-be. Like, I mean, no-need-to-stick-fingers-down-throat vomit inducing. Tacky, loud, skin crawling designs. I was finding it hard to get a nappy bag I actually wouldn't be embarrassed carrying (or Ben wouldn't mind carrying for that matter)

Last week I hit the sale at Parenthood in Richmond. LUVERLY shop that one. Although damn expensive. There was 25% off nappy bags and I surprised myself by finding something I liked. It has a nice plan design on the outer fabric that does not scream 'guy' and does not scream 'girl'. The inside has more of a girly pattern, but I figure that's for me to enjoy as I rifle for ass-cream anyway.

This bag came with a change mat, bottle keep warmer, wipes box, etc.

I also found a little time to make cotton socks one more felt toy. This one was inspired by a design I saw. I don't think I have done it justice. The poor little thing has the longest legs and no arms. Go figure!

* work related. always related work.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

project undies.

I bet that title got you all wondering. No, I have not had to move on up to grannies just yet. This pregnancy is being good to me in the arse department. I still have a slight crease where my leg meets my buttocks. Yay! It's not all tears and muffin tops just yet.

Nope. When I say 'undies' I really refer to 'bloomers' or 'nicker bockers'. They are cute little pants you can pop over baby's nappy in summer, teem with a little teeshirt and be done with it. I happened to find some gold at the Matilda Market on Sunday. I was there to see my good friend make a tonne of money (which she cleverly accomplished) and also had a little wander around in case something took my fancy for cotton socks.

I have to say it was hard to get something that was gender neutral. Too many baby blues and blinding pinks. I settled on this little pair of summer knickers for our bub.

They cost around $20 which is better than the normal price, but after a quick investigation I figured I could probably make my own. So I did.

I found material at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Glen Huntly. It was a 'economic crisis appropriate' $3.75 a metre. A little elastic and bob's your uncle and mary's your aunt. The pattern was a little tough to figure out (especially with pregnancy brain) and I also had the challenge of teaching myself corners on an overlocker.

Before long I had made these:

*note: next time I will go higher on the waist. Wanna make sure they get right over the nappy and sit on baby's tummy - don't make them too tight people!*

They now belong to my friend Sarah's soon to be born little girl. But I have a fever to make more, and make more I shall!!!! Cotton socks will think they've been born into a Chinese Sweat Shop the way things are going!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

lovely things.

My little sister married the man of her dreams about 2 weeks ago. Of course, she was beautiful and he was the sweetest thing on earth. They looked so deliciously happy. The day was romantic and fun and special. I fully enjoyed playing the role of bridesmaid with my two other fantastic sisters!

I thought I would post a couple of pictures just to share the joy. Cograts Liz and Rob - you will live a long and happy life together!!

*Here are the happy couple with my nephew Harrison and robs niece Elizabeth*

*the three sisters. That's me in the middle*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

fabric, bump and big decisions.

I know that I promised shots of my latest fabric purchase many moons ago. It's amazing what the recent election, the economic crisis and pregnancy tiredness can do to a person. I simply forgot. I was busy having to sack people, busy offering remaining staff no motivation and struggling hard to find the couple of specks left in myself. It hasn't been a good few days.

So here I sit. 31 weeks pregnant and loving every fantastic moment of it. Sure the mid afternoon napping is a little out of character, but the visible movement on my stomach (even if the bowel kind have slowed down) make it all worth while. I feel so incredibly lucky to be having a child with someone like Ben. So supportive and caring and funny. No better man to lead our child. *eek!* I'm one of those emotion pregnant women!!!!!

The fabric after all:

I got these two at a sale in Spotlight. They perfectly matched a more expensive material I fell in love with at Patchwork on Central Park.

I want to fashion something memorable out of these lovely minty wonders. Anyone got any suggestions??

I also thought it worthwhile to post another bump pic. After all, I want a little memory when Cotton Socks is a bit older. Here is my very visible bump the day of my sisters wedding.

I am also proud to say that we came to a decision on the pram. Thank god. it was starting to take over ALL my thoughts. Important factors for Ben and I:

- that it last
- that it be lightweight
- that it can hold a bassinet
- that it folds in one simple go
- that it be made in either Australia or New Zealand
- that it be a bargain

We choose......drum roll please.....The Mountain Buggy! Little New Zealand company makes it big! We managed to get a best price in Melbourne and find the matching bassinet on ebay for more than half the price. Pure delight! I pulled it around the living room, contemplating whether it would be weird to put Maggie in it and push her down the road. It's love at 11th sight!

Monday, October 27, 2008

a weekend at the beach...

Man, I love weekends. I love them because they don't smell like a stuffy office and cheap perfume. They never insist I plonk down on a badly designed chair for 8 hours straight writing, writing, writing. They almost never involve bullshit conversations about 'how you're feeling' 'whats on for the weekend' or 'I'd like to implement my next big idea and you're going to do all the work'. I love them because I get to spend all day and all night with Ben and Maggie. Cuddling each with ferocious intensity and planning the arrival of our little cotton socks.

On Friday Ben and I had 'date night'. Something I highly recommend. It's a night, choose which suits you best, when you are your partner spend some quality time together. And that doesn't mean sitting on the couch! Try a little dinner somewhere (find a good local cheap place) or even just head out after dinner for an ice cream. It's not really where you go, it's more about just doing it together. Actually talking about things and looking into each other's eyes for once. Sounds totally tosserish, but it can make a hard week at work seem a million miles away.

Anyway, I digress, our date night this week was in St Kilda. I have a slight fascination with St Kilda at the moment. I make Ben drive past it late at night so I can watch other people (young people generally, with cool clothes, spikey hair styles and a general bi-sexuality about them) sitting out in the warm evening, casually enjoying a cold glass of beer. I long for that. For beer in the sun. A gentle fuzziness slowly creeping over as you proceed to get tipsy. *delicious* We ended up sitting outside I'Carusi 2. Ben had an awesome rocket, pesto, capsicum and goats cheese pizza topped with prosciutto! I had some pancetta with roast tomatoes, red onion and chili. Yum, Yum! It was so lovely to sit out there chatting amid the infectious St Kilda vibe and dining on good pizza. I highly recommend it.

On Saturday we headed to the beach house in Blair Gowrie *sigh* I love that place! Mind you, we had a lot of cleaning to do so it was hardly a holiday, but it was good all the same. While Ben and his brother oiled the deck, I made delicious muesli slice with Craisins and a spicy pasta with hot sopressa and chili olives. We then sat down to watch Monsoon Wedding on DVD which I thoroughly enjoyed.

During all this commotion, I had time to visit an op shop and walk miss Maggie May. At the op shop in Rye I dropped off a big box of clothes and hand me downs. The women's club there (who were eating sandwiches and talking about their husbands) thanked me and offered me something from the store in exchange. I had a little wander and came across this:

It's the first piece of clothing that I have bought cotton socks and I didn't even pay for it! People are so nice. I like the vintage look of this onesey. I can just see Ben, Maggie, cotton socks and I down at the front beach of Blair Gowrie building sand castles and planning dinner on the balcony.

On my walk with the four legged freak we captured these shots:

Doesn't matter how big it is, when she sees a stick, she takes it.

spot the kelpie

I am also busily trying to get some sewing done. I have some new material that I jut bought. Will share it tomorrow. Right now I am busy unpicking some of the sewing for Cotton Socks blanket. *sigh* we can talk about that, another time :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

28 weeks and aching...

Righto. That's it. I've had a gut full. Someone has been lying. Someone has been trying to sell this pregnancy crap as the best time of your life. The most momentous occasion that you are ever likely to experience. the time when you simply GLOW! Well, that's crap. Total utter shite. And, while we're at it, was probably concocted by the CIA as some human experiment to see how we cope with pushing a small child through a letter box.

I sit here winching in pain. I have done something unforgivable to my back. It aches. All the time. When I start work in the morning it's fine. NO probs. And then lunchtime rolls round and the sharp stabbing pains take hold. I' m not sure I can tolerate the torture any longer. I may have to bite the bullet and pay for a massage.

To top things off, last nights Anti Natal class was all about giving birth naturally. How the hell am I going to give birth to cotton socks naturally when i cant even update my blog without wanting to be high on drugs! *ow. typing not helping back*

Overall it was a very good class. Informative and a good bit entertaining. They showed us videos of American women huffing and puffing their way through. I was gob smacked to see a head peek out and bodies slip from vagina's and end up on stomachs. It gave me nervous giggles. Ben had to ssh me as my reactions were scaring some of the women in the class.

After the video the midwife passed around some cards. On each was a scenario we may find ourselves in eventually. eg 'contractions are 3 mins apart - what should you do' *skull vodka in the bath while your husband counts the shots*. When we received our card my quiet giggles turned into uncontrollable hysterics. I had to give Ben the card to read out as I had completely lost my shit. Soon it was our turn.

Midwife: 'Ben and Emily. What's your scenario?'

Ben pausing momentarily while I shake with laughter next to him.

Ben: 'Um...we've got wet knickers'

Rolling on floor with laughter

Ben: 'Can I ask? I have wet knickers, or does my wife?'

Now in tears.

Ben: 'Should I take them off? Her knickers, not mine I mean'

Midwife: 'Wet knickers might suggest...'

me: 'That's what got us in this mess in the first place?'

We can't even take that seriously, how will we ever be parents?? Here is a little picture of what cotton socks looks like a 28 weeks.

When we got home after the anti natal class I read a leaflet to Ben. Every time I spoke the baby gave a good kick and when I stopped, bubs stopped. We happily played that game for a good 5 minutes *smiles* - oh all right! There are some joys with this whole thing. I think if I had a better back I might even say that I love it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

getting things done.

I am proud to say that I am actually achieving things on the home front. At 27 weeks pregnant I think I am in a good place to welcome a little new born. of course there are some major things still not accomplished eg. getting the car seat safely fitted, but should the baby magically appear on our dining room table, I'd be able to pop him/her in a little bassinet and get on with finishing my sandwich (cause...ya know...that's how it happens)

One of the first things I would like to share is the kindness of my good friends George and Yael. They have offered Ben and I a loan of their beautiful, spotless cot. How good are these people? I warned Ben that if he couldnt put it together he probably shouldnt be a dad. With beads of sweat pouring down his face and fierce determination, he managed to erect our babies second bed.

You will notice a half finished blanket hanging over the edge. That's my current sewing project - fun! Here is a better picture of how it's all coming together:

We also hung up (badly) the prints that I got from Sugarloop on etsy. I love these prints. Ben's mum framed them for us for the wedding and now they belong to our little cotton socks.

I also felt overwhelmed to make our baby something cute. Felt toys are fun and so I copied some designs from a book called 'softies'.

Introducing Mr. Yellow

Introducing Blue Elf

In other news, we had our lovely friends come to visit us at the beach house recently. They brought their 2 month old baby Mae and I was hoping she would give Ben and I a good dose of reality re: crying, pooing and general baby craziness. She didn't. Instead she was perfect. Lovely, sweet and quiet. *sigh* I just hope our bubs is as good when we visit friends :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"...once, twice, three times-a-crazy!.."

Ok, today I am tired. Shitty and tired. I had to get up three times during the night to pee the tiniest drop of pee. On my way to the toilet I also had to take great pleasure in negotiating my way around three amps, a guitar and a clothes horse. Not. Happy. Jan.

Needless to say, today I am less the riveted about being at work. Why lie. Who is ever riveted about being a work? I'd rather be sipping coffee somewhere, rubbing my massive belly and reading about how turbulent America is right now and how little Miss Palin will save the day. (check out her recent chat with Katie Couric - disaster!) As funny man, Pete Helliar said recently, with 72 yr old McCain in office, they are one slippy shower away from disaster!!

I've totally lost my train of thought, oh yeah. Have some photos to share. A friend of ours recently had an Italian themed dinner party. They are all for dress ups these folks, so we decided to get inventive and come as something Italian. Ben scratched his head for days. Finally, at like 15 minutes before we were due to arrive for dinner, he decided to don this outfit:

*Ben dressed as one of the victims of Pompeii*

And then there was me. I needed something that was going to be comfortable and also Italian. I could have gone as a fat mamma with my belly, but instead of taking the easy option I tried for something a little more inventive. Can you guess what I am?

*Me as Melbourne's infamous Lygon Street - note the car. Belly acted as a speed hump on the night*

This weekend we had a little focus and started clearing the room (again) that would house our baby when he/she arrives. In my cleaning spree I came across a old magazine rack that Ben had. I gave it a good wash down and reinvented it as the portable house nappy bin and accessories.

I also managed to fashion my very own feeding pillow. It's very soft and sits nicely under my breast. I think bubs will like it to. Plenty of room to stretch out there!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

23 weeks and counting...

Did you know that at 23 weeks a baby can blink and apparently has a predisposition for Vivaldi? It's amazing the things you learn from the internet!

I'm feeling bloody wonderful, it has to be said. The last few weeks, littered with little kicks, have been the absolute best! Ben got to feel that all important first kick and we are now immersing ourselves in the excitement of the whole event. It' so hard to believe that in a few months time we will be parents. Responsible for someone else. Waking up at 3:12 in the morning. Functioning on burnt toast and cold coffee. *bliss* i cannot wait :)

As the days roll in I have made many attempts to up-the-ante on the sewing. It's been so bloody busy here at work that when i get home I just want to roll around on the couch will elevated legs, carbs and Benny. I did however start a dress making course this week - hurrah! It's three Tuesday nights in North Melbourne at a funky little place called Thread Den. I already love it. I'm obsessed. I stayed back an extra half hour just because it made me feel warm and cosy. We are making a 60's shift dress (mine will be mat style) and I cannot get enough!

On top of that I am still working away on the baby's quilt. I might wanna hurry up with that one. I don't want to be handing it over as a wedding gift to the wee tacker. Tonight I am dedicating to the many patches still unstitched and perhaps a little TV action.

In other news, we had a very relaxing weekend at the farm. I wanted to share this photo of Maggie and Ben as they head off for their morning walk. Such a steely stare!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

two dollars and a kick. oh my...haven't we been a little absent from the blog lately? Naughty, naughty Em. Well I'm back again and absolutely buggered from work. The ups and the downs and early starts and late nights can only go on for so long before a pregnant woman with a sore back throws her mouse at the computer screen, violently kicks her ergo chair that doesn't work, and storms out never to be seen again*.

I had a moment the other day, sitting at work at 8:30pm at night. My whole vagina felt like it was going to fall out onto my $11 ballet flats. The pressure from the baby was full-on and before long I started cramping. I totally shit my daks. Not literally, just totally.

I googled. Big mistake. When you're pregnant for the first time you should have a restraining order put out on you that states you cannot walk within 200 metres of a computer with internet access. Just in case you google. Whilst it's a wonderful invention (Happy 10th B'day BTW) it can also cause serious heart palpitations. I read that apparently I was going into labour. That i could have been losing the baby. And that some positions are just best left to the drawings in the book. *sigh*

After a quick chat with a Midwife at the Sandringham Hospital I ventured home, lay down and waited to feel cotton socks move. She warned that no fetal movement could be a bad sign. Before long the little buggar gave me a good Beckham and hasn't stopped since. I love our baby...

Which is a great segue into my next story. I love our baby so much that I cant wait for it to be old enough to eat bread and then I can justify my insane love for my new bread maker. Holy cow the smell of fresh bread in the morning is enough to turn me all Martha Stewart! My friend Nat picked this little baby up at a garage sale for.....wait for it....$2. You wouldn't even get a loaf of bread for that! The irony....

I'll post a real photo when Ben brings home our camera which has been stashed at his work for the last few weeks. Might even pop one up here of my little old bump....

*the bank manager said I have to put this disclaimer in: not bloody likely.

Monday, August 25, 2008

cotton socks.

Well, I am now a good 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant. It's so wonderful and special. I have to remind myself that some people are not so lucky. Today we found out a friend lost their child at 6 months. I could not even begin to imagine the pain of something like that. I was very upset when i heard. And being in the position I am in, I think I felt it even deeper. I would be devastated if something like that happened to Ben and I.

On Friday we had our 19 week scan. I love hearing that little heart beat more than anything else in this world. And of course, we could see little Cotton Socks (this weeks name BTW). Cotton Socks had two little feet crossed over one another and a hand up next to the chest. We counted 10 toes and 10 fingers and A LOT of really scientific other things that basically mean the heart is in the right place and Cotton Socks has all the right bones. I think our baby is the cutest thing I have ever encountered on TV.

The only negative was that I have a 'low-lying placenta'. It seems Cotton Socks and his dealer are two lazy buggars who would rather get ripped into the world than venture down the dark path. I may have to have a C Section if the two of them decide to stay where they are. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this changes and I can have a natural birth.

IN other news, I get a little eDM every week from this website. It tells me all that's going on this week for little Cotton Socks. I like reading about the progress during the kaos of work. I sent the link to Ben. It contained the following drawing:

When he saw it, he emailed me back saying 'Wow. Cotton Socks is going to be a gymnast?'

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

cute things.

It's been a lovely week. On Sunday I turned the ripe old age of 31. Man, it's hard to believe that I have been kicking about on this here earth for 31 years. It feels kind of surreal, especially now with a little one on the way. I always thought I would have about 4 kids by now. I'm glad it's worked out this way. With this man and this baby.

Ben and I had a lovely day together. He bought me long awaited pearl earrings that I simply adore. There's something wonderfully upper class about a creamy pair of pearl earrings against slightly tanned skin. I cant wait for summer!

It was also on my birthday at around 3pm that my good friend welcomed (pushed) her daughter into this world. Little Mae is a sheer wonder. So tiny and cute. Her mum was not backwards about coming forward with the delivery details. I spent all of last night with my eyes focused on our bedroom ceiling in frozen terror.

here's a little sneak peak at what can make all that blinding pain worth it - little Mae.

And last night....when I walked in our house after a hard day at work, I found a package waiting for me. It was addressed to Mrs B. Brocklesby but really it was for Ben and I. His grandmother (a crafty nut herself) has sent us a little gift along with a card telling us how she has knitted a similiar cardigan for every new baby to enter the family. I simply had to share it because it's just too cute!

In other news re: sewing - I bought a $15 pair of maternity jeans from an op shop and decided to take them up myself (something I have NEVER done). Using some really good directions, I was even able to keep the original hem. I must say, I'm pretty damn proud of myself :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what i ate today...

I think there is one area of pregnancy that ought to be documented heavily. It's isn't the feelings of elation or the changes in your body or arse. More importantly we should be sharing what we can manage to put away in a day. As such, I'd like to tell you all what I have eaten today. And before you bombard me with facts about how you actually don't need to eat much more than you do regularly, let me just inform you, I don't give a flying fart. I feel good and I'm hungry and I'm going to eat.

It's only 4pm and here is what I have already packed away today:

This morning to was two...hmmm, let me spell this phonetically...rog-a-la! They are delicious Jewish sweet cakes that make my eyes roll back in my head and can enhance even the worst cup of coffee.

Rog-a-la is the one that looks like a croissant to the left

At about 11am I thought to myself, surely it's time to eat again? It seems I was right, I had a quick piece of fruit and then tucked into these little babies...

For lunch I had left over pasta from last night. It had plenty of spinach and mushrooms in it.....and cheese and cream and butter...

Hitting on 2pm I thought, I will simply fade away if I don't eat a little something more. So I whipped myself up some crackers with vintage cheese from aussiefarmersdirect and Three Three's gherkins.

We have cheese, eggs, milk, fruit and vege delivered every week. It's feels good to spend our money to actual farmers and not the supermarkets of the world.

An finally, just then, I sat back for a little cup of decaffeinated tea and a mini snickers bar.

Right. Come on. Tell me I'm over doing it. I can take it. I won't be offended. I'm tough. After all, I'm going to go through child birth dammit!

Monday, July 28, 2008

the good and the bad.

It's been an interesting few days in the mini world of Emily Brocklesby nee Elliott (yet to be changed cause I'm a lazy sod). Let me take you through the good first, so you don't think I'm a whining bitch.

1# I feel great. I am utterly surprised by how wonderful I feel in this second trimester. In fact, I feel so good it's making me feel bad. I'm now beside myself with worry that something is wrong with bubs and my bump is just actually a public display of my inability to control myself around carbohydrates. Is it normal to feel this fan-tab-u-lous at 16 weeks?

2# I had a wonderful weekend. Ben and I stayed at the beach house ALL weekend. After a work function on Thursday and Friday I made my way to our beach house, warmed the living room with it's big, burly heater and we ate takeaway! We stayed Saturday night also - ate fish and watched Big Love and on Sunday, as the rain fell and the fire warmed us we decided to sacrifice the early morning rise (5:45am) to stay one more night. Pure Bliss!

3# I have found the sewing class that I have long been desiring. Thread Den is an awesome innovation started by some fashion designers and crafty people. They do all sorts of great classes but I am mostly interested in the 60's shift dress class and little Beginners Mod 2 in button holes and zippers - it's completely daggy but I couldn't give a rats left testicle!

Now for the bad...

1# Some random guy pulled out in front of me the other day as I was gunning it along my green arrow right turn lane and I smacked right into him. Totally his fault. If he wasn't so sheepish I might have f'd and b'd a little more. Anyway, my car was near fine (love my VW Golf) and only needed a slight panel repair which my insurance was going to cover. Good! I hear you say? Sure was.

2# Car was delivered back to me yesterday and all was looking and sounding wonderful. At 6:30 last night I went to drive her home and she was deader than George W Bush's political career. It even smelt as bad as him. Anyway, I had to fork out a whole $30 for a Taxi home - super sucked!

3# Today the RACV told me that they would not take responsibility for my dead battery and I would have to PAY to have it assessed. Totally f**ked off. My car goes away to have its panel fixed and comes back with its motor dead - not my idea of service. I yelled at a guy I don't even know, it felt really good. Smug little twat.

In other news just at hand - my dog maggie has been eating raw chops for the last three days straight. I've never seen her happier. Although, I went to give her a little pat goodbye this morning and was hit by the most powerful pungent festy fart I have ever had the misfortune to smell. I have subsequently given her a new nickname 'burger lips'.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just a small note to say thanks Antonia for sending so much damn traffic to this rusty old blog. I read one of her entries about parenthood and shit my daks! All those Huggies ads went tumbling from my imagination and I was left with a deep feeling of dread that I may end up the loneliest person on the planet.

However, Antonia wrote me a note. A note that touched on the very reasons she loves being a mum. And it touched me. I have every hope that I will feel even half as lucky when my baby comes along. Best of luck at Blogher 08 - you are by far the funniest, so stop fretting!

Here's a pic of a friend of a friends baby that just makes me chuckle every time I see it. I think 'Old Man with mischievous scheme'.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a new direction.

Life is a funny old thing. It throws up so many great surprises. It delights me. I can't get enough. Newly married. settling in a new role at work and now a good 14 weeks pregnant! Boy, that feels good to say.

Yup. Little old me and little older Ben have ourselves a honeymoon baby on the way. What joy!! It's something we have wanted for so long now and to be currently nestling baby in belly feel nothing short of a miracle. My belly is starting to pop (much to the dismay of my new op shop jeans) and I have passed the hard sickness stage of the first trimester and moved my grooving body onto stage two. I only occasionally feel light headed in the shower or really tired from growing bodies and brains and stuff.

Anyway, as a result of this news, I wanted to share two things with you. Firstly the awe inspiring ultrasound!

If you look really closely as Baby Brock's arse you can just make out the 'Made in Vietnam' stamp.

And with the ability to be able to share this news, I am also able to share my latest project. A blanket for baby of course. This will be the biggest blanket I have ever made - quite the challenge for me. I am making it single bed size so that during cold nights when I am feeding bubs and I can stay warm, and then when he/she is big enough, they can have it on their first ever bed! You'll notice I have kept the colours very neutral as we wont be finding out the sex of the baby until I have pushed it out over a 36 hour period. make a square. I like this one.

This fabulous red material is a fav. I purchased it from Patchwork On Central Park.

Each square is different. See how great these colours are!!!
Right now? I am going to go home and eat soup and change into trackies that fit and watch TV til my delightful husband comes home. I might even eat some of that smashing apple and blueberry crumble I made last night - geez I'm getting domesticated!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Other people's money...

There's nothing better than spending other people's money. I don't mean that in a bad way. eg. I'm not robbing change purses from old ladies on the tram. I merely mean, when someone gives you the gift of a voucher and you get to head out and spend it.

Ben and I allocated all day Saturday to the fine art of spending other people's money. We had been given two vouchers for a our wedding, a Chapel St Bazaar voucher and an Australian galleries voucher. Noice!

We headed to the Chapel Street Bazaar first. Swinging past Tusk cafe for a really overrated breakfast and coffees that never actually made it to our table. If you've ever been to the Bazaar, you'll know that walking in there can make your head spin. There are so many little nooks and crannies, filled with retros goodies ranging in price and diverse in their age.

It was so incredibly hard to choose something in the end. We wanted it to be something that reminded us of the beautiful people that gave us the voucher, but we also wanted it to be something that would live on in our lives for many married years to come. After much debate we finally settled on...

This stunning late 1960's radio. See how it has NSW, QLD, VIC etc. And it still works. I love the art deco shape and the cream and blue colour. It has livened our kitchen tenfold!

And of course, no house is complete without a wall clock....or in our case, a retro clock!

Ben and I love this clean display and fancy the idea that it runs on electricity. An odd wire here and there has never fazed us!

Friday, June 27, 2008

busier than bees when their busy...

It's been a hectic week. so much frustration, emotion and nagging, aching tiredness. I would say 'I need a holiday' but I know I've just returned from one. Why does Vietnam seem so long ago?

I'm finding I like going to bed at 9:30pm not a minute before and most definitely not a minute after. I feel like every time I pick myself up off the couch and head to bed before ten more wrinkles appear around my eyes and my hands start growing their very own walking frame. Could I really be this old already?

I'm putting most of it down to work at the moment. As it is the end of the financial year, there is SOOOO much happening. We are always manic in June and I had prepared myself for that, but to make matters worse I am having recruiting issues and internal stresses and also have to co-ordinate three juniors and a work experience girl. So you get where I'm coming from.

Ben has been a great help - as usual. He can lighten my mood from the minute I walk in the door. Seeing the muddy face of Maggie the Kelpie also eases the stress. I want to take the two of them and head to our beach house, lock all the doors and allow winter to batter around outside as we read books, drink wine and eat well.

Tonight I am off to another function that I have been guilted into attending. When you're this tired the last thing you want is your mother on the phone saying 'but I already told them you'd come!'. Anyone else as weak as me? I hate disappointing people. I would drag this depleted body half way across town to a fancy dress I haven't prepared for, to hang with old work colleagues I have lost touch with and enter into conversation that might actually freeze my brain rather than disappoint my mother, or her very lovely friends.

I really need my head checked. Anyone noticed yet that my capitals are back? I figure there are enough young people in the world bastardising the English language, why should I join them.

oh, and before I forget....another thing that brightened my dull week. My sister sent me a photo of my nephew Charlie lying on the blanket I made him. *Sigh* he's so cute!

Monday, June 16, 2008

holding me back.

hmmmm. i've been so distracted lately. there are so many things that i want to get done and just cant get around to. for instance, i have been meaning to clean out our second bedroom and rearrange all my sewing things, but other things catch my baking a deliciously naugthy chocolate hazelnut cake or staring at more photos of the wedding til the point when some might deem it a little narcissistic. anyway, the point is, I have a plan. a grand plan in fact. and as is with most grand plans there are certain things getting in the way. let me list a few.

guitars. our spare room is currently the home to some 7 guitars. my new husband benny is a bit of a rock god. he likes to bang out tunes in the garage every tuesday night with his three mates. strange thing is....why would anyone need that many guitars when they only have two hands? he assures me that in fact he does need them all. even the old battered one in the bent case. each one apparently serves a purpose - yeah, clogging up my friggin' spare room!

books. again with the hording. ben loves books. it's sad that it takes him so long to read one because he really really loves them. as such we have accumulated a hideous amount of books in our spare room. there are so many bad books in fact, that the good books wont fit on the shelf and have to live by the side of the bed. the pile is getting so big ben and i might have to catch a train to find each other in bed at night.

clothes. ahhhh yes. apparel rules the corner of my humble spare room. ben went through a dress up party stage when turquoise leather jackets and brown spandex pants were really, really funny. now they're just really, really annoying. but ben cant throw ANYTHING out lightly. 'i might need that cream and brown striped wide collar shirt'. 'what for?' i would quiz. 'don't know, might have a book launch gig in a 70s bar coming up that it would be good for'.

thankfully bens mum and dad have taken our spare bed off our hands to decorate their new place. it means bens friends dont have to bang their drums around it in the garage and i can start planning the room that i have been thinking about for so long now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

about damn time!

ok, i know that i havent been the most diligent blogger. in fact, i've probably been removed from bloglines around the globe (assuming the globe read this of course) but here i am. i'm back. i have news. craft projects to share and day-to-day bullshit to spread amongst you. see, your mum was right. the best things are worth waiting for! sister had a baby boy two weeks ago. Charlie Thomas Martin Reid to be exact - thank you very much. he's a stunner. chubby and smart. and he LOVES food. i decided i wanted to make him something. a blanket-com-play mat. i had purchased too much material a little while back and really needed to do something with it. i am now towards the pointy end of the project and loving it! the good people at patchwork on central park helped me pick out the boarder material and the trim. things really could have gone arse ways without them!

here's a little looksee:

found a warm wooly fleece fabric for soft little skin:

i have another project that i am eager to commence, and once this blanket is done i will getting cutting fabric! ben goes to mount buller this weekend to play again and that is when i should find some time.

just have to get through a week of work first...