Sunday, March 20, 2011

The things she says...

Driving on Citylink, passing various advertising billboards, Annie spots one she likes...

'Beer! Beer Mumma'.

'Yes Annie, beer.'

'I like beer Mumma.'


'Dada like beer?'

'Yes Annie, Dada like Beer'.

'Mumma like beer?'

'No, mumma don't like beer, yuck, yuck, yuck'.

Giggles 'Mumma like beer'.

Statement. Fact.

Momentary silence.

'I love beer Mumma'.

It might have something to do with this...

or even this...

AA said she's too young to start at the moment, but they'll pop her on the waiting list.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A wonderful weekend.

Instead of renovating this weekend, we did something novel. We spent time as a family. And it was wonderful.

Seddon Festival at Harris Reserve

Annie got to pat Moo Cows, her all time 'oh my gawd how awesome' day time activity

Tom chilled in the pram, pointing out that once again he was being ignored

Sunday was 'ice-creams-bigger-than-your-head' at Williamstown

In between all of this I managed to also get some sewing done. Another hooter hider order which I will share here very shortly.