Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Baby Number Two.

Hey. How are you? We don't talk much these days. I want us to stay in touch more. Let each other know how we are. We used to talk. You and I. That was a while back though. Life caught up with us since then.

I know that I'm mostly at fault here. I accept that. I can be a little selfish really. I should have started a conversation with you. Sat down and tried a little bonding. But the washing needed to be done, and Annie had another dirty nappy. It sometimes steals moments from us. This life we lead.

So what's new? I hear you have fingernails. That must work out well if you need to pick your nose. My calculations tell me you can hear us all. Ben, Annie and Miss Maggie. Quiet the madhouse huh? Did I mention we have a vacancy?

So listen, I've been thinking. It's not long before your plane lands and we have to go and pick you up from the airport. Can't believe we will see each other after all this time. I hope there's no weirdness. Anyway, so we're picking you up right? I hear the traffic down that way can be a real bitch. I hope I don't lose my shit.

You'll know who I am pretty instantly I would think. I'll be the brunette holding the epidural bag like it was the arse of Hamish Blake. I might look a bit disshelved, but fear not, I've got it together (most of the time) and actually, I'm pretty fun to hang out with. The guy with the beard and the huge grin is your father. He's a lovely specimen. Very thoughtful an very very funny. I rolled over in bed the other morning and let out a big one. He promptly replied 'Has anyone ever told you not to point a loaded weapon at someone?'. Please note: he will love you instantly. (as will I)

The mini me sitting on Dada's lap is Annie. She's your sister. She's a pretty laid back chickie. She won't fuss over you too much, but don't take it personally. She will think your the bees knees by the time you can clap to The Wiggles. Oh, and if she looks a little drunk, it's only because walking is a new pass-time for her.

When we get you home you'll notice a brown blur walking around who smells like wet socks. That's Maggie. The dog. I'm afraid she's severely pissed off you're coming. We broke the news to her the other day and she took her ball outside and hide under the outdoor table for hours. Ben had to coax her out with a piece of steak. Maggie has already been demoted from 'half dog/half human' to just 'dog with human traits' and now you're on your way, she knows all that's left is mere 'dog'. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

In case I don't get around to saying it (which is looking more and more likely) I love you ardently. You squirm around in there occasionally and my heart melts trying to imagine what you're going to look like in a Bonds Wondersuit. I wonder whether my heart is big enough to take anymore love. I love your Dada so much, and Miss Annie like I never thought possible. I know there is more for you though. It's already begun.

Righto, better go and get back to the massive list of things we need to get done before we meet. Picking your name is up there next to 'put door handles on doors'. Don't worry, we won't do what we did with Annie and decide your name over a tray of fish and chips in the TV room of the hospital.

Til we meet my sweet one,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that happened this week.

1. Miss Annie learn't how to walk!

She looks a little bit like an old drunk leaving the pub just after twelve. Absolutely NO balance whatsoever, but I am loving her determination and her sheer delight at being able to get around so quickly. She takes a few steps, speeds up to a trot and then laughs her head off before falling to her bum. I could watch her all day. But then who would make the Lamb & Rosemary pie.

2. Made Lamb & Rosemary Pie that I am in love with!

3. DIY Job on a wrought iron single bed given to us by my sister.

It will act as a day bed/couch in the study and house any friends or family wanting to stay over. (Jane/Marian/Siobhan/Harrison) I was happy with the job the paint did, although I thought it would be much glossier.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blissful Bali.

It's about bloody time I wrote about our luscious trip to Bali. I would have jotted something down sooner, but we have been MAD busy since we got home. Packing up for our move and actually getting our little asses into our new home last weekend. Can you believe it?? Finally, after 7 months of owning our own home, we are now tucked into our beds at night within it's walls. I haven't been this happy since I swam up to our pool bar in Bali and ordered a Strawberry martini.

Oh yeh...back to Bali. We went without Miss Annie. It was not an easy thing to do, leaving her. She looked so warm and cuddly that morning. Drinking her bot-bot and looking at me innocently as if I would NEVER leave her. My heart nearly broke in two. I cried all the way to the airport and demanded that Ben be patient with me because 'I'm fragile'. I remained in this state the entire way to Bali. As we got off the plane and the humid heat hit my pregnant belly. As we jumped out of our taxi and admired our choice of accommodation. And as we dumped our bags in our lovely little room with massive oversized bed.

It wasn't until I settled into my sun lunge and looked across our pool and out to the ocean that I turned to Ben and said 'This, is the shit!'. I knew instantly that we would not have had as relaxing a time if little Annie was with us. After all the renovating and working hard, we both needed some time out. We were planning to lap it up.

Bali now has a social place in my heart. The only other place is Asia I have been is Vietnam (which I loved!) but there was something truly 'inviting' about Bali that sinks into your skin. The people, the food, the markets. Nothing is over done. Nothing is too westernised. Everything is simple and sweet. We spent most of our time devoted to Steig Larsson and Salander, perched on our sun lounges. I would read, think about what I wanted for lunch, read and think about what I wanted for dinner. It was divine. We took a day trip to UBUD and stayed the night, hired bikes, and visited a few tourist places, but mostly we soaked up the stillness, the sleep-ins and the late night dinners in quaint little restaurants. Here are just a few photos of our trip.

When Ben's bike grows up, it wants to be a Harley.